Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Covert Acts by Indian Intelligence agencies against me and some well know Indians

Covert Acts by Indian Intelligence agencies against me and some well
know Indians

I am being kept in the continuously torture environment. People speak
in my ears through the gadgets inserted in body. They become angry
whenever I talk about Pakistan. They usually ask me to tick the names
out of following asking who was my friend in India, especially when I
contributed to Indian think tanks on the matters of peace in South
Asia and Analysis about politics in Pakistan, particularly Sindh:

Here is the list of names:

- Ashok Slanki
- Nahar Singh
- Neha
- P. V. Rajgopal

Although those who speak in and around my ears, mostly focus two names
out of four; however whenever I take one name of out these,
particularly of Ahok Solani, they become angry, and start abusing me.

Why the names of these four persons they do take? There is a simple
reason behind this:

- Nahar Singh:
A person who mate us at Jantar Mantar, supported us morally and even
asked his friends circle particularly lawyers to file petition in the
High Court of Delhi. And, later on in Delhi he attempted to facilitate
/ sear a residence in the city. He was abstained to contact us.

- P. V. Rajagopal
He was literally abused by the persons who were speaking in my ears.
He was the first person in India who supported me while I arrived in
the city. He later on tried to facilitate me a residence in Delhi but
he was abstained.

- Neha
An almost unknown journalist to me who only had a few minutes talk.
She is also being abused. I don't know at all the reason because she
never supported me in the city.

- Ashok Solanki
I was sent to Ashok Solanki by Rajagopal. At his facility I
encountered severe troubles. When I asked Rajagopal for possibility of
alternative residential place, he earlier made a committed; and later
on after meeting with Ashok he refused to meet me.

I don't know why these questions are being asked. Who is asking? Whose
interest is this. Are these Indian intelligence agencies that are
doing such act? Or there are some others who are doing that?

I am sure , in India, only Indians can do this. And, I am amazed that
those who talk in my ears, usually gets angry when I talk against
Pakistan. A one million dollar question in deed!

New Delhi, India

Monday, June 22, 2015

Plan Globally, Persecute Locally: The Role of Indian conflicts behind my persecution

I have just started writing the blogs about the brief but detailed
information and analysis of our persecution. It is a better mean of
communication when you are kept in prolonged persecution, and
especially when your complaints receive no response from the
authorities of the country where persecution has been carried.


There are some episodes of the happenings, which I haven't unfolded as
yet. Although those details are minor, and are solely based on India's
internal mechanism and issues; it is better to narrate these brief and
minor things so that at least Indian authorities, and my friends also
may come to know about the realities of the issues.

I was told by the Pak Section of the Delhi Police Bhawan officials by
the August 2013 that some listening gadgets have been inserted in my
body. At this stage, wherever you will go and talk, the authorities
would listen. They also said "You are the person, from whom only the
voice comes. No voice reach you through the instruments." Later on, I
was told in Rohni that everything is now finalized, just we have to
open the instruments of ears so that you may listened the
instructions. I was shocked. Later on, someone said that there are two
points of anger at this stage.

1. Why a person associated now with system no. 2 (an intelligence
agency) is staying at the place that is associated with the system no.
1 (another intelligence agency.).

2. I was told by February 2015 that now Delhi Govt is using him for
listening his discussions with others.

All this was done without my permission and knowledge. It is the worst
kind victimization that something has been done against me which no
doubt is very inhuman. I am still puzzled why all this has been done
in Delhi against me? When recently I complained through my blog about
the shouting as well as hue and cry, the voices started buzzing in my
ears probably through the instruments.

What happened at Jantar Mantar after Supreme Court of India rejected
my petition by saying that come through a lawyer, if you are
interested in refugee resettlement only. The apex court is willing to
facilitate you a lawyer.

An inspector from Pak Section of Delhi Police Bhawan visited someone
Mr. A. Solanki. He asked him to facilitate temporary residence to Mr.
and Mrs. Shah who are giving protest sit-in at Jantar Mantar. Mr.
Solanki contacted with South Asian Peace Alliance (SAPA) and Ekta
Parishad associated persons. When I contacted the individuals
associated with these organizations, they asked me to stay at Mr.

When we started living in Rohni at Mr. Solanki's facility, he kept on
insisting me to compete and act against one Mr. N. Singh, who once
visited us at Jantar Mantar and was very much kind. I simply refused.
I said I have nothing to do with your tussles. I don't know weather it
was a conflict between individuals or political groups. The same was
said to me by someone at Pak Section of Delhi Police Bhawan especially
in the month of July 2014 avoid in coming into communication with Mr.
N. Singh, even if he himself contacts you. It is no doubt I talked
twice with Mr. N. Singh after December 2014, when he met me at Jantar

An strange aspect of this situation is that when I was told by a
senior leader of Indian civil society that now by living in Rohini,
you can enjoy the hours long journey to the Supreme Court of India, if
you are further interested in case. It was a good joke indeed.
Sometimes that happens; however I am in no mood to find any negativity
out of someone who is a man of integrity. I don't know the realities
behind all this. It might have been a mockery or a simple joke. Let us
give benefit of doubt to all of them in a bid that someone may not
have ill intentions.


Besides, the worst aspect of the things in this persecution is the way
I have been startled through the technological connectivity between
friends and family members in India, Sindh, North America and Europe.
At least I found many similar and common usage of sentences. It gives
me a sense that there were many actors involved or had a direct access
to this process.


Since I don't know about the real background of persecution; I know
only one thing that the continuous use of the language that carried
duality of meanings, imposing such kind of communications have been
probably an attempt to make me abnormal and tag a blame of
schizophrenic in a bid to prove me insane so that they may skip
themselves from the crimes they have been committing.

(New Delhi, India)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A shameful dirty drama around us: the Indian episode

It was January 2014. We organized a very small event to honor Pir
Pagara Sorihya Badshah on the Day of the Freedom Martyrs of India. It
was a very brief event. I announced the event on the facebook. A few
dozens attended from across the city.

All of sudden the behavior of the intelligence agencies became worst
gradually. I heard the remark by an intelligence agency person, "You
can influence anyone, anywhere in the world. You can create new
friends and followers anywhere. Therefore you are very dangerous
person." And hence, he added, they have decided to give you tough

Since that particular day, the darker episodes of my hitherto
persecution started, which shook the very much foundations of my

The drama was underway since long. It meant to tint my image in Delhi
and elsewhere. Let me briefly express how all this has been done.


What Indian establishment agencies have done with us to upease
Pakistan? They have played a round the clock live drama around our

They have created the human replica of my family members and friends
in my thoughts and imaginations through the names of certain Indians
whom I already knew.

There are some persons in India that have been given names of my
broader family relations that include my brothers, sisters, brother
in-laws, sister in-laws, mother, uncles, aunts, and almost everyone.

Then they started uttering sentences that were around the sexuality
regarding all these male and female friends. Besides, they just wanted
to know about my various social, professional, and political relations
in across the world. A drama was created around these. In the
beginning they wanted to know and came to know about my social,
professional, and political relations, the little socialization I had.
When they couldn't found anything out of that which they might get as
an evidence, they attempted to create an artificial drama so that they
may have at least anything against me. That particular drama was
around the personal relations. Through normal course of so-called
"opening-up" nothing was found, which may fall in the category of
something beyond the majority ethics (although I believe that everyone
has right to live according to one's own ethics, until does not try to
impose its ethnics on the majority and others.) Therefore, they tried
to create an environment which was intended to push me think beyond
the normal human ethics for example gayism and incestism. Finally in
a circus style, they roamed around the city, and used to say you have
slept with your respectable relations, particularly sisters. And, they
started saying this in almost whole of the city, wherever I was going.
When this circus was being carried, a laser technology process was
being carried out on my brain everywhere through the satellite. The
process was being carried on the capleries and veins of my brain that
particularly were carrying either anatomical / physical actions of
the body associated with the sex or the memories of sexual
relationships as well as if I had seen some nude pictures and videos
in my life.

Because there was nothing like that in my memories, therefore the
whole laser technology process was focused on the sexual desire part
of the brain. Besides, I was also given some chemical compounds that
were activating my sex-harmones or simply stimulating compounds.
Therefore, whenever these process were carried together, a kind of
particular feeling was developing. Besides, since I made at least
three sisters in Delhi city during the protest sit-in, therefore I
primarily started thinking in that direction. Later on, they started
taking the names of my real sisters and in-laws, in the very same way.
At the same-time, I found an strange similarity between this dramas
here and the communication from Sindh by my family members; however
that was not having any direct indication of such thing but a smaller
amount of the same sentences that were being used in Delhi were also
uttered by those.

This was enough to understand the duplicity. Therefore due to whole
process, I was pushed to think for the moment in the particular

I am giving an example here:

I was told by someone that there is a namesake sister of me India.
When you were aslept in the night, they managed her to have sex with
me, of which I was not knowing at all. Now I was asked, what would you
say in this regards. I said that this question in itself is idiotic.
Then they kept on pressing the question for the whole week. And, at
the end I said in such a proposed assumption, which seems to be a trap
case by the intelligence agencies, such thing is not crime. The
criminals are those who have managed that. Even such things can never
fall in the ambit of crime when they happen out of external push. The
responsibility fall again on those who create the situation.

And, later on, they kept on pressing this to make me feel that this
has happened with me in India. Sometimes, I was being said it was your
name-sake sister, while in other times, it was being said that she was
your real sister as well as sister in-laws. All this drama was carried
out in almost all parts of the city. It was meant to tint my image; as
well as it was meant to make me schizophrenic and mentally ill. At the
final stage, I was kept on saying by the chorus that accept that you
have slept with your sisters / mother. It was impossible for me to
give an inappropriate and untrue statement.

So finally, to get rid of the situation, I said that if that has
happened, why the intelligence agencies have problem. Let the person
come directly and tell me the situation, and I will let you know.
Since I know this is a drama, therefore don't attempt to make me
mentally sick. And, god-forbids, if this is a reality than you have no
right to make circus.

Since you are making a circus around this self proposed puzzle like
situation, therefore you have negativity and you want to take negative
advantage out of it. Therefore, stop this drama. Talk something new.
Something non-personal.

I personally believe that there are so many innocents who have been
forced to play this act of negativity creating in Delhi. I don't blame
them. I blame those in the top authority who have either asked them to
do this or allowed them to do so. Since I believe that none can do
this voluntarily, therefore individuals can never be made victimized
in that regards.


There are so many reasons behind this. Pakistan and India jointly
decided that I may not go outside India. Probably there was a third
country involved in this process that managed India to do this;
however this is not clear to me as yet that which exactly the country
it was. Or let me say that I "formally" do not know about the country.

I was asked in Delhi to apply for citizenship here. I was asked to
stop talking about Sindh and submerge with the Indian society. I
refused that. And this created an anger. I think, some intelligence
agencies in India that wanted me to stay permanently in the country
have done this on the insistence of Pakistan, or the higher-ups who
may be in the liaison with the Pakistan establishment. They probably
thought in that way they would de-fame me in India, so that I may not
undertake any active life here; my image may be made tinted in Sindh;
and the countries that were considering my refugee re-settlement
should also refuse my case.


This process has damaged my thought process and my metal health.
However, I still manage to write about the things. They keep on saying
me that I am an abnormal person. They have inserted gadgets in my
spine and in the certain lobes of my brain. Whatever I think, imagine
and talk, everything is seen and listen by the large group of persons,
the local intelligence fraternity and many others in India, some in
Pakistan and in the other parts of the world.

(New Delhi, India)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You, the unseen enemy

YOU got defeated, although this war was imposed on me by you without
my consent. I don't believe in the terms like 'defeat' and 'victory'
however the struggle by you tells me that it was your true defeat that
forced you to adopt adverse methods for becoming victor by the hook or
the crook on my brain and my persona.

Who are 'YOU'? I don't know the real identity of YOU. I just know that
a series of happenings began against me in 1999 in which I was left
with no other option to resign from Opinion Pages of Daily Ibrat,
Hyderabad (Sindh) and ended up on my forced departure from Pakistan.
Yes, at that time it was Pakistan.

I was persecuted in Nepal, and I am still being persecuted in India.
Three years of extensive persecution outside Pakistan. And, thirteen
years of the worst episodes and nightmares of persecution by Pakistani
armed forces in Pakistan.

YOU couldn't resist me from doing better for my people. Neither in
yesteryears, nor today!

YOU tried to confuse me. YOU are many. When some of my Westerner and
Asian friends are questioned, I am pushed to think that YOU are not
Pakistan alone, YOU are also its allies. When the renown citizens of
the world powers are asked something concerning me, it confirms that
YOU are many. And, yet you have chosen to attempt again and again to
defeat me, to exhaust, humiliate, disturb, and to downgrade me. But I
am here. The very this place. Fighting through my pen. I may be a
little tired. I am not exhausted at all. I can give fight for a
century as an individual.


You tried your worst. And, I tried my best in the favor of my people.
You wanted to kill me in Pakistan, you couldn't. When you resisted me
in Pakistan from raising voice and standing by my people, you
couldn't. Finally, you chose to tint my image at that time; you gave a
full blow to defeat me on ethical grounds; fortunately you couldn't
succeed. You tried to do the same in Nepal. You tried your best that
UNHCR should not issue me refugee recognition. You failed. You did
even worst when you managed my return back to Pakistan against my will
and said me there that "Here is your Karachi, now take hold of it.
Here are your people, take hold of them. Here is Sindh and start your
rights activism." Again, you wanted me to become your instrument. I

You wanted me to adopt anti-Urdu speaking line. I adopted anti-divison
of Sindh line; and yet I kept on considering Urdu speaking community
as new Sindhi. You sent me a message that it is intelligence mechanism
of Sindh that is against you, and Punjab is favoring you; I understood
the actuality of the game.

How I could have forgotten your message delivered through Mohammad
Waseem of Indus Resource Centre (IRC) that Pakistani establishment
would take one year to completely destroy me. How I could have
forgotten the words by Mohammad Tahseen of South Asia Partnership
Pakistan, "You are Zulfiqar Shah. Wherever you will go, they will
chase you up." I still remember when once he said that you are
probably the only one in the civil society of Pakistan who has given
conclusive shape to one's own social movements initiatives. And, yet I
cannot forget how I was kept on chemical compounds in 2007 when I was
still part of SAP - Sindh Office. I cannot forget how we were given
poisonous compounds in Lahore that our hair and nails were being
broken and were getting de-graded. I was feeling Cardiac pain.
How I can forget that while in Kathmandu I sent an article to a Mumbai
based journal, and I received a call from Mohammad Waseem who said
that you should exclude some data from the article or withdraw the
article and instead should write an article on the eighteenth
constitutional amendment. I still remember when he said that write an
article suggesting Sindhi people not to observe strikes and active
agitation against Sindh Local Government Ordinance. I refused.

Karamat Ali and his friends misguided Kanak Mani Dixit against me.
And, when Karamat came Kathmandu and asked Kanak to manage a talk
between himself and me on the local government issue, I simply

I still remember, at least two weeks before I was poisoned in
Kathamndu, Mohammad Tahseen sent me a text message while he was also
in the city, "Zulfi, now Kathmandu will take well care of you!" And, I
understood that the worst has to come as yet.

When I went to the Ministry of Education, Nepal to seek permission for
the studies, Pakistan Embassy officials came there on the day I had to
collect the permission, and said to an official that if he is saying
he is a Pakistani, give him the document. Thanks to the official who
said that we have already issued him the permission. And, the very
same happened in India. I submitted Long Term Visa (LTV) application.
An official said why in India you are introducing yourself as Sindhi?
You have to accept Pakistani identity. I refused.

The worst of all is your attempt to victimize my families, relatives,
office employees (especially ISM, and no doubt SAP Sindh Office as


Although YOU tried your best to resist my medical treatment in Delhi.
It was shocking to me when I was told by an AIMS doctor that had you
not written against Pakistan, you would not have faced this. He also
said that I was so young to write that much open, bold and hard. I
understood that you had problem with my write-ups, and you still have
the problems.

And, when I was taken to Rohni after my protest at sit-in at Jantar
Mantar, and I started writing on certain issues, you did again the
worst. You unleashed uninvited sexual advancements if not persecution,
you started humiliating my family. When I wrote following articles,
all of these were earlier resisted from getting published, and later
on when these published, you unleashed worst of the torture.

I moved from there to another place but again you made dirty tricks.

A fleet of persons kept on hovering around me in Delhi, abusing me and
my family. You took almost all names of my family members, friends,
and colleagues. You took the honorable names of the relatives, my
sisters, mother, in-laws, cousins, uncles, aunts, distant relatives,
wives, daughters and sisters of friends; the Indian lady journalists
and civil society activists whom I had acquaintance. You said that you
have slept with them.

You also left a fleet of persons around my place of stay, who round
the clock were repeating the same. You wanted me to utter YES for all
you wanted to write. You were not concerned with the truth. You were
concerned about the dominance of your untruth.

You just wanted to destroy my integrity, emotions, thoughts, and image
because you managed through gadgets that I should think on the line
whatsoever you want, and how ugly they may be. You wanted me to feel
about it, and to imagine about it. You arranged the live telecast of
my bedroom and my travels in Delhi to so many. When you find nothing
'disastrous' through the brain reading, you kept on giving me chemical
compounds and wanted me to recall memories. When nothing according to
your wish was found, you wanted me to say Yes again through the
mechanism which involves chemical compounds and make someone
depressant enough to repeat like a parrot whatever sentence you say.
And for that purpose, you made a blend of chemical compounds, theatre,
and use of laser technology.

What you could do, was only that I just started thinking about it for
a few seconds after your months long circus and theatre, and again
brushed these aside. I know you wanted to damage my image, and wanted
to demoralize me and resist my thinking process.

You failed because you did impositions in the name of open-up process.
And, you couldn't succeed.

You tried to tint the image of my family members, and some of the
civil society activists and journalists from India, Sindh, few from
Pakistani Punjab, and Nepal in my eyes. They will always have respect
from my side.

Here I am giving the links of the articles which lead you to do that
worst against me in India:

1. International Politics of Middle Path


2. Making of Twenty First Century State


3. State crimes by Pakistan: Is Sindh at the verge of secession?


4. Why Britain is responsible to the people of Sindh and Balochistan?


5 I realized if. I wore a Sindhi cap, I would be killed



YOUR failure lies in the reality that I am an individual, and You are
'ESTALISHMENTS'. And, still you have fought against a person, who is
analyst, activist, and writer; who loves his nations and lands (Sindh
and Balochistan). You failed because you kept your identity hidden.
You failed because you said a couple of months ago, "You have to
bow-down because you believe in the freedom of Sindh." And, yet you
remained unsuccessful. I can never withdraw my belief in the freedom
as well as historical country-hood of Sindh and Balochistan.

I still remember you said me once through a lip-serving person, "We
are doing this against you hidden because we don't want an open
animosity with you." I still remember when you said again through a
lip-server, "We hate your name. We want you to change your name. We
want you to get converted to Hinduism." And, once a policeman told
another Officer in front of me that "We have heard that Shah has got
converted." I was startled. Religion is your business, and I hate your
business. Therefore, I hate your expression of religions.

I don't believe in the terms like 'victory' and 'failure'. Yet, I
believe in the permanence and persevence of the TRUTH. I believe that
as much as you do that, you will open-up your reality of brutality.

And again, I am of the firm resolve that those who were used against
me involuntary or through trap; those who were used against me through
misunderstanding and later-on realized; and those who intentionally
did this and later-on realized and withdrawn acting against me are not
culprits. The culprits are those, who kept on persecution
intentionally, through volunteer will, and still are not leaving that
dirty task.

I know about your might. You even managed someone probably from Indian
Army who wrote on my facebook that Pakistan was doing this
internationally to give you punish. You failed because this could not
develop any hatred in my heart against Indian Army, even nor against
the person because I was sure such acts only can be done by the ones
who are trapped.

Your failure is my being committed with Sindh and continuing writing for that.

(New Delhi, India)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Economy of Violence, Occupation, and criminal business by the Pakistan Rangers in Sindh

Director General (DG) of Pakistan Rangers in its bid to further
tighten its virtual rule of Karachi city and dominate over the writ of
Sindh Government has said that political parties are illegally earning
260 billion rupee annually from the city. He has also leveled the
allegations on Sindh Government for adopting the silence on the issue.

Sindh Chief Minister however has refuted the allegations and has said
that it was Pakistan Rangers intention to de-fame and demoralize the
Sindh Govt.

Unfortunately, the thugs in the uniform like Pakistan Rangers, a
second tier armed force of Pakistan Army, have been looting Sindh with
both hands extra-ordinarily since at least last two decades.


It has been evident since last two decades that the graph of violence
and the rise in the number of deployed soldiers of Pakistan Rangers
are directly proportionate.

The reality behind this is that the military establishment of Pakistan
has created violence in the city with the intention that the violence
would further provide justification for more militarization of Sindh.

Forty percent land of Karachi is officially occupied by Pakistani
Armed Forces; further 20 percent has been directly or indirectly
occupied in the suburbs of the city by Army, Navy, Air Force and
Pakistan Rangers. The land surrounding the Super Highway that connects
Karachi and Hyderabad near Sindh-Balochistan border and National
Highway that connects Karachi and Hyderabad parallel to Indus Highway,
is mostly taken by the armed forces for the housing purpose. Not a
single acre is free these days. Hence, Pakistani armed forces have
practically occupied the lands of coastal Sindh.

Besides, the military establishment of Pakistan wanted that Karachi
should be virtually handed over to Pakistan Rangers to take hold of
it. Apart from so-called security interests, Pakistan Rangers has
enormous economic interests.

Sindh Govt. spends 54.8. Billion rupees annually on law and order out
of which major share goes to Pakistan Rangers. It is roughly estimated
that Pakistan Rangers annually receives 0.5 trillion from Sindh Govt.
directly and indirectly.
Besides, the Pakistan Rangers is habitual in not paying the utility
bills for the electrify, gas and water they uses from across Sindh.
Just imagine that the Rangers has artificially managed the failure of
water supply in Karachi; hence it supplies water tankers to the whole
of the city.

For example, Rangers refused to pay the bill of electricity it
consumed in Karachi for water-pumping which last year was estimated
around 15 million rupees. Another 300 millions have to be paid by the
Rangers to Sindh Govt for the utility bills but it has out-rightly

Besides, Pakistan Rangers has illegally occupied buildings in Karachi,
and buildings of mono technical collages, some hospitals and other
Sindh Govt buildings in across the province. If a rough economic
costing is being made of this on the basis of rental as well as lose
of the end-users (students, patients, cultural tourism, and other
public benefits) it would roughly be in millions of dollars annually.

Besides, an additional 1 trillion rupee are illegally earned by the
Rangers through Karachi based illegal business that includes land
occupation; supporting builders mafia; sand and concrete extracting;
occupation of graveyards; selling illegal weapons; backing criminals
and robbers; and running flower selling business, tea-shops, sweets
and diaries, and retail business.

Almost 8000 armed troops stay on high alert everyday in the city;
however the real figure of the deployment is much beyond that.

Bombing the villages in Balochistan and Sindh; and the recent press
conference by DG Rangers is inter-connected. It is preparation for
undertaking the military operation in Karachi and rest of Sindh
against the political parties, which are considered as possible
resistant for military establishment's plans to undertake projects
with China and convert Sindhi (indigenous and Urdu speaking Sindhi)
into minority in the province.


Apart from Bahriya (Naval) Town, Zulfiqarabad, Malir Projects; there
are so many plans in the pipeline on the Supper Highway and Indus
Highway. The next in the queue is the Pakistan Air Force housing
project on Supper Highway. And, there are some projects near
Hyderabad, Sukkur, Ghotki, Mirpurkhas, and Badin as well.

Non doubt, this is a highly cautious moment for Sindhis for thinking
extra-ordinarily for their survival.

Friday, June 12, 2015

India: Enemies Within


I have some observations concerning India, which I have developed out
of our years long persecution in Delhi.

Although India is yearning for the permanent membership in the United
Nations Security Council (UNSC), but the role, method and intentions
as well as weakness of Indian system has been indicative of India's
failure as a neat, clean and justice oriented system; however apart
from internal loop-holes, India no doubt qualifies for that particular
status. It needs in anyway to introduce internal changes and external
policy framework to really look internally and externally suitable for
the position.

Most of the Indians, particularly Indian intelligence agencies, may
angrily react on it. However, since we (my wife and myself) have seen
much of their unjustified wrath during last two years, therefore I
have to pay back appropriately on the matters that are related to our
self individually and to Sindhi society as well to which we belong.

A country that cannot manage to stop persecution of a person, who is a
civil and political rights activist and writer; instead its systems
feel proud to humiliate and victimize that person and is keen on doing
so, is really a big question for its balance between regional policy
and internal justice.

Almost all acts of humiliation, victimization and brutalization have
been undertaken in Delhi against us by no other than Indian
intelligence agencies and the departments; however we have been time
and again told that all this has happened on behalf of Pakistan. There
have been so many things which create so many questions in my mind
that I need to write down one by one in a bid to further seek clarity
on the issue.


1. Indian officials saying that they are facilitating Pakistan against
us on the instruction of authorities.

- If that is truth, then whole drama of India-Pakistan conflict is
fake. If that is untruth, Indian system itself wants to victimize us.
Why Indian system wants us to victimize? I am going to write about it
in the later part of the article.

2. Indian officials saying that the US CIA / FBI has sought a contract
from Pakistan in our persecution.

- If that is truth, why USA would be interested in our persecution?
Because we are civil and political activists? Because we are Sindhi?
Because we are peaceful? Because I think enormously and appropriately?
Because USA has some ill intentions for Sindh? Or because someone
wants me to think and feel against USA? Well, USA would be in better
position to reply these questions.

3. CHINDIA (China-India Axis of Indian Establishment) is processing
our persecution.

I don't know about this. I only remember one that I refused to attend
film screening and dinner with Chinese Ambassador in Nepal around
September-October 2012.

4. Pointing to UK?

- Officials about whom I was told by someone that they belong to RAW's
International Section while at Jantar Mantar said that United Kingdom
(UK) is basically facilitating persecution on behalf of Pakistan. I
don't find any reason in that; however I was told that being an
ex-colonizer, UK mostly does such kind of interventions in certain
issues. I cannot say anything; however I know one thing that UK itself
would be in the best position to clarify in this regards. I remember
that a British journalist came to me and told me that she would talk
with British High Commission in Delhi for the timely resolution of our

5. "Your protest has helped support BJP in demoralizing the Congress
around the elections."

I think, this is a kind of Jargonism to make me a fool.

6. "Problem lays with Central Government, we are unable to help you,"
Aaam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Well, this probably is truth.

Apart from all this buzz, why should I not restrict myself to those
who persecuted me Pakistan, Nepal and India and whom I know very well-
Pakistani Establishment and Indian Establishment.

If some other factors are involved, it is basically Pakistani, Indian,
and Nepali authorities who need to clarify about the details of the
persecutors. At the moment we are being persecuted in India, therefore
there is no other question that our persecution is carried out by
Indian agencies. Since we don't know exactly on whose behalf all this
has been carried out, therefore we don't need and try to see deep in
that regards. Either India, Nepal and Pakistan has to make this clear
or the countries whose names are being taken need to see when names of
their countries are being taken.


Our persecution has been carried in various perspectives that includes:

1. Refusal to undertake medical treatment

2. Refusal to issue work permission

3. Harassing those within India who wanted to support us

4. Resisting our finance

5. Sexual torture and harassment

6. Artificially administering brain abnormality drugs and then
attempting to prove abnormal

7. Humiliation and hooting across Delhi every day since last many months

8. Taking names of our family members and using abusing language
whenever I get out of my rented place

9. Sending fleets of hooters in the neighborhoods where I live and
creating an environment of hue and cry round the clock, using abusive
languages and continue months long humiliation

10. Misbehave by officials mostly in two aspects : forcing me to
verbally recognize my self a Pakistani citizen and non-refugee; and
saying that Muslims can never get refugee status in India.

I think these ten forms of brutal persecution are enough to create
hatred in us against Indian authorities; however, my respect for the
Indian people will never reduce.

Besides, when my friends in the Europe, North America, Latin America,
Eurassia and Asia-Pacific are being asked to stop communicating with
me, or are asked to not support me, I have every reason to believe in
a kind of international persecution.

Besides, when Indian authorities in some of the cases have interfered
and resisted the stamping of / processing Visa that was being
processed by some Western countries, I cannot rule out the willfulness
of Indian authorities in my persecution.

No doubt, I am a non-political entity, however I am not a-political at
all. And, the little I know is that some political circles among the
Sindhis do consider a little about my political opinion and
suggestions. And, because writers and activists are virtual
ambassadors of their nation, I strongly feel that this humiliation,
persecution, and victimization is because of myself being a vocal

In the current race of the interests in the region, where Sindh has
become and is gradually becoming a real central focus by the so many
interested countries, I clearly see downfall of so many.

India which at least for sixty-eight years was commanding friendly
feelings among Sindhi due to cultural connections, hopefully has
reduced its space among certain circles in Sindh. Since our
persecution has been meant to stop me writing for Sindh and against
Pakistan, as I have been told by an official of Indian intelligence
agency, I am sure all this has been done to weaken further the dissent
of Sindhi, and resist all the possibilities that may spread their
voice internationally. In an either way, my persecution has been
supporting the Pakistan, and the pro-Pakistani elements like China.
Therefore, the components of Indian Establishment that are involved in
our persecution, are basically Enemies of India's external and
internal long term interests.

As always, I would like to suggest a few things to Sindhis:

- I think Sindhi in Diaspora, who mostly voice for the Sindh rights,
should change their nature of relations with the think-tanks of some
of the countries particularly India, and of certain others. At the
same times, they need to engage with them in entirely different way.

- Chinese engagement in Sindh is directly proportionate with Punjab
and army's plans to change the demography of Sindh, and further
colonize Sindh therefore Sindh needs to extra-ordinary think on its
struggle concerning the settlement projects by the Pakistani
establishment in the urban and rural parts of Sindh.

- Sindhi in Diaspora should steadily need to engage with the new
emerging powers in the world. The existing heavy players needs to be
re-assessed. They also need to be educated on Sindh. Besides, the
powers which still cannot decide about their attitude to Sindh or tend
to use Sindh as bargaining chip, should be given time to really
develop a policy concerning Sindh. I think, India these days should be
considered in this context, until it reaches at certain policy

Besides, the hegemony mongering powers like China should be seen
carefully. Since Chinese do not guarantee that their proposed projects
would not be used to alter the demography of Sindh nor non-Sindhi from
within the Pakistan would take maximum benefit out of these, therefore
these projects should be seen with the critical eye until such
guarantees are made by non other than China itself.

In the changing world, there are possibilities that Russia may also
start support Pakistan establishment in future if NATO-Russia conflict
grows, therefore Sindhi thinkers also need to look at these aspects as

- India may probably loose in this conflict of interests especially in
the South China sea, Arabian sea, and Afghanistan if NATO-Russia
conflict extends.

Our personal persecution foretells Indian attitude towards Sindhi.
Thus, unfortunately Sindh probably may loose a culturally connected
well wisher and this may also be considered vice versa.

- If UK and USA can dance the tunes of both the victimization of
non-Sindhi civil rights activists; political activists; and even the
militants from Pakistan; their silence in our matter, the person who
is a writer and civil and political rights activist is a highly
doubtful, and criminal as well. This also "attitude" requires a
serious thinking by Sindhi as well.
If summed-up briefly, Sindhi in Diaspora need to review their strategy
for engaging with the international forces on Sindh.
They need to do this on priority. Maximizing the numbers of the
friends and minimizing the numbers of enemies across the world would
be the only way out to save Sindh.

It is not necessary that those who morally support freedom of Sindh
are the best friends of Sindhi people; those who tender issue based
support and those who only are interested in human rights violation
should also be taken among the fold of FRIEDS OF SINDH.

Why not the real sons of Sindh, not the cover-agents of Pakistan among
Sindhi in Diaspora, should undertake this urgently required task of
the contemporary history of Sindh.

I am a firm believer of peaceful social movements; however I have a
realization that in some cases when movements have not recognized
capacity to challenge the interest groups, their social, political
leaders and brains are usually sucked-up by the monsters. Therefore,
Sindhi movements have to re-think on their organizational and
institutional capabilities.

Finally, thinking and changing according to the tide and yet yearning
for the freedom is the real balance, Sindhi people need to learn.

Besides, it is also time for Indian authorities to rethink before it
is too late. Sindh is meaningful for India because it shares half of
the Indian borders with Indian, and because people of Sindh have
historically remained India friendly.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

To SINDHI: Lessons of Persecution Part I:

I have learned so many lessons from our persecution. I have decided to
write-down briefly through blogs. I'll mention the primary level
things in preliminary blogs, which would be followed by more details
in the upcoming parts.

- The infiltration and penetration by Punjabi establishment among the
Sindhi and Baloch activists is considerable. This is further added by
the intelligence agencies intrusion and traps around families.

- Activists, particularly the political activists, need to learn and
understand the technological advancement in the form of intelligence
process. The use of HUMAN EARS and HUMAN EYES as live listening
instruments needs to considered seriously. The use of mobile phones to
record someone's voice is commonly used tools for lowest level persons
of intelligence.

- Trust anyone but not even a sane among the sane within the Punjabi
of Pakistani origin.

- Whenever the enemy gets defeated, he uses the propaganda against
your personal life to achieve the goal. If the enemy does not finds
any quotable error or blunder in you, he artificially and
manipulatively adds in your personality through the power and

- It is not harmful if someone from within your own society is part of
intelligence agencies. At least they can behave realistically whenever
a fake information against you is gathered to target you

- Enemy should never get access to your database particularly to the
email data and the telephone numbers.

- The most exploitative tools for the enemies are the 'money' and
'sex'. If you have no greed for that, your enemy will require
extra-energy to defeat or trap you.

- Enemy mostly uses the tools to isolate someone through personal
grounds and creating misunderstanding. Therefore, whosoever tries to
create such kinds of rifts, should be taken seriously.

- Tolerate the worst but do not accept or get trapped in any kind of

- Pakistan's military associated intelligence agencies are available
in almost all donor agencies.

- All Pakistan based NGOs play a role of intelligence cover to certain
extent for ISI and Military Intelligence (MI).

- Most of the soft faces from Pakistani Punjab remain keen to make
friendship to take and give the feel. One needs to be careful. It does
not mean that one stop making friends. It only requires to become
clear on the interests of your people.

- Pakistani intelligence agencies mostly attempt to insert Sindhi and
Baloch agents among the outfits actively engage international on Sindh
and Baloch cause.

- Deception and silent propaganda are the two important tools for
Pakistani intelligence agencies. They work gradually as silent water
to eat out any strong person and groups foundations, and then target
him or her.

- It is important for Sindhis to have educated and learned Sindhis
outside Sindh, and a considerable number of them need to be outside
along with families in a bid to not even think of returning back to
Pakistan for visiting purpose. Those who have either no families or
have no intention to return back to Pakistan may have greater
potential to resist any kind of the pressure.

- Pakistani agencies have remained habitual to create some pseudo
intellectuals and activists from among Sindhis and Baloch with
intention to use them in controlling outer feel about Sindhi and

- Don't trust local employees working in the embassies. Most of them
work as 'double' agents.

- Don't share anything of high secrecy with the any foreign mission
until you are sure about their integrity.

- Despite several traps, remember one thing, your true friends and
family members will always support you.

- International forces are expected to come into liaison with Sindh
and Balochistan movements in the changing world scenario. A complete
self-reliance of the movements is essential. No doubt, the Sindhi and
Baloch movements are highly self relied therefore Pakistan and some
its criminal friendly countries have remained unable to break them.

- Avoid trusting the 'middle powers' (for example like India) if they
feel interested in your movement. There has remained a historical
tendency among some factors in such kind of countries to use your
positive 'hello-hi' for their minor interests. It does not mean to
completely blacklist any country. The soft connection always needs to
be there in the form of inteligentia and literati. The movements of
Sindh and Balochistan, can highly be considered special case, where
the movements by and large have remained self-sufficient and without
any interference.

- No need to get worried about INDIA / RAW tagging for the legitimate
movements. At least India has no history of sending Indian citizens or
armed forces to Sindh and Balochistan as mercenaries, nor the media
has reported seizure of Indian weapons from Balochistan. Yes, it has
been there that Pakistan has been sending Pakistani Punjabi civilians
and army-men under cover of 'Kashmiri Freedom Fighters'.

- Diplomatic and international relations of political and social
movements and parties is a normal act and are the reality of our
times. Therefore, it would be always best to prefer Western powerful
(s) that may be sympathetic with your movement on the realistic ground
over the neighboring 'powerful(s)', who might be eyeing you to settle
their scores with Pakistani establishment. However, in dealing with
western powers, if and when such thing happens, think carefully if the
country is highly cooperating with Pakistan.

- Don't contribute voluntarily your intellectual input as I did
sometimes in past with some countries mostly in the realm of peace,
counter-terorrism and South Asian affairs. Because, these very same
countries would be your worst enemies if and when you are caught amid
the problem.

- Always prefer to create space about your movement and dissent among
the intellectuals, writers, journalists, thinkers, teachers and
people's movements.

- South Asian, particularly, Indian media is really great; however
unfortunately it has proved over the last decades that it will under
estimate Sindhi and Baloch movements. There is more need to create
emphasis on the media highlight concerning the movements.

- I am quoting here an example. One of our friend Sherbaz Jamaldini
was given an opportunity by South Asia Partnership Pakistan
(SAP-Pakistan) to attend a event in India. He was managed to be given
wrong feel by the Indians of the 'double' agent process that India is
sympathetic to Balochistan, because it wants to settle the score with
Pakistan over the issue of Kashmir. Hence, he started propagating this
among the Baloch when he returned back to Balochistan. However the
fact has been that India has never supported issue of Balochistan.
Whenever there has been formal discussion in United Nations on the
issue of Balochistan, India use to remain silent.

- There is need for visual and scholarly stuff on and around the
movements. Such kind of things are of high importance.

- This is the time when the nations like Sindhi and Baloch will
further be attaining international focus albeit gradually, therefore
any hopeful situation further needs to be strengthened on the
realistic grounds.

- This is a high time for Sindhis and Baloch in Diaspora to really get
organized in a bid to save Sindh and Balochistan from the upcoming
threats because the moments are coming in which either Sindh would
give a leap of faith or the dream of Sindh freedom would end up in

- Remember that China's interests are primarily involved in Sindh and
Balochistan. Without Sindh and Balochistan coast, China would hardly
become an international monopoly of economy, finance and associated
strategic positioning. However, China has been solely banking,
strengthening and depending on Pakistani Punjabi military
establishment. Therefore, Sindh and Balochistan needs very wise,
calculated and highly fore-sighted steps.

I was a civil and political rights activist in past. I am now an
analyst that is still facing wrath of more than one country because of
Pakistan. I have decided to keep on writing in support of Sindhi and
Baloch movements.

Besides, I would keep on adding up further in this regards through my
brief blogs on learning from the persecution.

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India

Friday, June 5, 2015

Why anarchy in Sindh and Balochistan suits Pakistan?

Pakistan is steadily going towards its failure. Therefore, the
establishment of Pakistan, which is ethnically Punjabi majority
associated with the military, is quickly taking all criminal steps
that suits its design to facilitate China funded projects because
these projects, in the perception of Pakistan, are the only lifeline
to the illegitimate and steadily collapsing country.

In this situation, Pakistani establishment has adopted the methods for
creating highly controlled and organized anarchy in Sindh and
Balochistan as well as to certain extent in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KP)

Pakistani establishment is well aware that it cannot do anything
until it destroys Sindh and Balochistan socio-politically. Therefore,
both of the historical countries that are now provinces of Pakistan,
are being made victim of following acts to resist ongoing or possible
political and social dissent:


- Biological war in Thar Desert and other natural resources strategic
areas that was observed in last a few years and is being observed

- Residential schemes by the armed forces in Sindh to settle at least
20 million non-Sindhis in a bid to convert them into permanent

- Heath war through penetration into Water and Sewerage Authorities
(WASA) of Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas,
Thatta, and Badin. Many reports mention the unexpected higher record
of fatal water born diseases in Sindh during last ten years.

- Attempts to tribalise Sindhi society that was never tilted towards
tribalism until 1990 and was greatly not violent before year 2000

- Organized criminal and terrorist actions

- Airing hatred against Hindu and Shia minorities. Organizing state
supported crimes in wake to victimize them.

- Airing tribal conflicts in northern districts of Sindh.

- Giving an air to the talk for the division of Sindh in a bid to
resist Sindhi nationalist movement

- Airing hatred between Sindhi speaking indigenous and Urdu speaking Sindhis

- Undertaking military operation in Urban and rural Sindh to victimize
political process particularly Sindhi nationalists with the intentions
to further resist the peaceful righst and freedom movement of Sindhi

- Abducting, torturing and extra-judicially killing the political activists

- Creating personal, social and family traps in a bid to control
rights activists and possible dissenters

- Artificially creating chaos in the administration of Sindh

- Pakistani armed forces interference in the affairs of Sindh Government

- Demoralizing and creating pressure around electoral political
parties to resist them in their possible appropriate decisions for the


- Acts in artificially tinting freedom war in Balochistan

- Acts to create conflicts between Baloch and Pashtun as well as
Baloch and Sindhi in a bid to further isolate Balochistan movement

- Attempts to include criminals in the outer orbit of Balochistan freedom war

- Committing war crimes against freedom fighters as well as against civilians

- Mass murders and burying collectively the Baloch activists and civilians

- Heinous crimes against humanity in the form of genocide and massacres

- Not allowing Balochistan Government to work appropriately

- Forcing Balochistan Government to act on the instructions of the military

- Forcing Balochistan Assembly to pass the resolutions against the
people of Balochistan

- Fake propaganda against Baloch freedom movement


No other time than this requires a close and grand alliances between
Sindhi and Baloch movements locally and internationally. Almost all
currents of Sindhi and Baloch politics -- freedom-mongers and delivers
of provincial autonomy -- as well as rights bodies and journalists
from across the both lands need to come into various forms of
political alliances and rights bodies as well as journalistic
coordination locally and internationally. This is the high time when
Urdu speaking Sindhis also need to join hands of Sindhi and Pashtun to
join hands of Baloch people.

If Sindh and Balochistan become successful in resisting colonist
designs of Pakistan in the ongoing time, they will be able to save
their sovereignty in future.

(Zulfiqar Shah, stateless Sindhi refugee, New Delhi, India)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nightmares of Thorny Path

Torture is not physical. A physical brochure cannot break humans. It
is the psychological torture that has always been at helm of affairs
in which victims of the persecution has been suffering the worst.

When we returned from Kathmandu, Nepal through maneuvering of
Pakistani agencies there, the worst was waiting for us in Sindh,
particularly in Hyderabad. It was shocking to know that whole of my
broader family and the friends were trapped and were under tight grip
of the intelligence agencies.

One early morning, I remember, my revered Uncle asked me to get along
with him in car since the time has come as it comes for every
dissenter. We moved towards Qasim Chowk, our car was stopped near
Hyderabad Cantt. Vehicles of Army were already positioned there. Uncle
and myself saw at them, they pointed gun at me and after a while gave
a gesture to my uncle that take him away. We drove back home.

"Miti jo manhoon aheen. Miti me wanjan lai bi tiyar rahan khapey."

(You are a man from the dust of the motherland. One has to get ready
for mixing back with the dust.)

I still remember that my family members were kept on saying for the
whole month long, "You are insane, a mental case." And, when they said
this, they silently gestured me that they are in a situation in which
they are forced to say this.

The day I was to hold press conference in Hyderabad, I was said that I
am abnormal therefore holding press conference. Even a psychologist,
Dr. Shahnawaz was actively thinking to administer some drugs before
holding the press conference so that the action may be postponed. I
don't know who was in contact with the doctor.

In anyways, I was taken to the doctor after press conference. He
received a call. Someone talked with him on my issue through phone. He
replied "I know this is an international case; however he is in
Pakistan, therefore he is our responsibility." I don't doubt anyone's
intention, all are good persons; however I want to mention about the
strange happenings.

A friend told me on my third day in Hyderrabad that our family is
trapped. He said that avoid taking food with the family and friends
since everyone was under severe pressure and trap. Therefore, I
started purchasing food from some trusted outlets.

I was already knowing that my families have underwent sever. January
2012 was like hell for my family. They faced the unexpected worst.
Time and again, my family members were called out to Military
Intelligence (MI) and Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and almost all
intelligence agencies used to visit my home and me every now and than.

In that particular moment, there was another phenomena. Human Rights
Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) Sindh Chapter persons asked me to meet
Asima Jehangir. Karamat Ali of PILER gave me a ring and said that I
should meet him because the matter has to be decided in Lahore.
Mohammad Taheen of South Asia Partnership of Pakistan (SAP-PK) said
that he is unable to help us out in this situation. I was
sarcastically said by a civil society activist, "Would you dare now to
go to Nangarparkar and Thar again?" I received a telephone call from
Zakiya Arshad of SAP Pakistan saying "Tumhara Shoq poora ho gaya.
Tumhari uraan poori hogai. Ab to hum log aap se baat naheen karna
chahtey." (Did you fulfill your dreams? Your flight is over now. Today
we ourselves don't want to talk with you.)

When a component of Amnesty International (AI) contact HRCP's I. A.
Rehman regarding me, he told them that he would be contacting with me.
He did not contacted me. AI itself contacted me after they did not
heard back from I A Rehman.

I was already knowing that my families and colleagues in the office
been undergoing worst since long, especially after 2011, therefore I
was not aggrieved on their silence. I cannot say anything but the
words that O God, none's family should undergo the worst of the worst
nightmares like mine one has faced.


Although our persecution in India is quite understandable since they
gave silent consent to Pakistan for poisoning me, or at least they
adopted a criminal silence despite the fact that I had a considerable
contribution for Indian Think Tanks concerning Peace and South Asian

I just am mentioning some words uttered by someone at Jantar Mantar,
when I held protest:

"We supported Tamils. And we our selved destroyed them in Sri Lanka.
Now we would destroy the secessionist movement in Sindh." I replied,
"the movement that you have neither created, nor supported, can never
be destroyed by the Indian authorities nor they have right to do so."
At that time, I recalled the words of a Sindhi nationalist leader,
while I asked him in my youth about regional countries' attitude
towards Sindh rights movement. He said that unfortunately, the Indian
friendly cushions in Pakistan have also been attempting the
fragmentation of Sindhi nationalist movement.

The time has changed now. Although that particular thought towards
Sindhis might have changed a little. India and so many other countries
ultimately would think differently in the future due to the dictate of
upcoming time's change in international politics.


My living place in Rohni and for a shorter period at the place where I
am living these day has remained on the live telecast to so many
people, as I have been told by someone. At the same time, I have been
given pharmacy compounds of losing senses, behave abnormally as well
as enhance stimulation. Guttered dramas were held all around to force
me thinking in ugly manner. They just want to give a full stop to my
creative thinking so that I may stop writing. They just want to prove
me insane in a bid to hide their crimes carried against us personally.


One thing I am sure, they would always face a failure in a basic thing
-- we can never be in favor of Pakistan. I will try my best to keep on
writing. I will try unto last for opinionating for the freedom of

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India