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To SINDHI: Lessons of Persecution Part I:

I have learned so many lessons from our persecution. I have decided to
write-down briefly through blogs. I'll mention the primary level
things in preliminary blogs, which would be followed by more details
in the upcoming parts.

- The infiltration and penetration by Punjabi establishment among the
Sindhi and Baloch activists is considerable. This is further added by
the intelligence agencies intrusion and traps around families.

- Activists, particularly the political activists, need to learn and
understand the technological advancement in the form of intelligence
process. The use of HUMAN EARS and HUMAN EYES as live listening
instruments needs to considered seriously. The use of mobile phones to
record someone's voice is commonly used tools for lowest level persons
of intelligence.

- Trust anyone but not even a sane among the sane within the Punjabi
of Pakistani origin.

- Whenever the enemy gets defeated, he uses the propaganda against
your personal life to achieve the goal. If the enemy does not finds
any quotable error or blunder in you, he artificially and
manipulatively adds in your personality through the power and

- It is not harmful if someone from within your own society is part of
intelligence agencies. At least they can behave realistically whenever
a fake information against you is gathered to target you

- Enemy should never get access to your database particularly to the
email data and the telephone numbers.

- The most exploitative tools for the enemies are the 'money' and
'sex'. If you have no greed for that, your enemy will require
extra-energy to defeat or trap you.

- Enemy mostly uses the tools to isolate someone through personal
grounds and creating misunderstanding. Therefore, whosoever tries to
create such kinds of rifts, should be taken seriously.

- Tolerate the worst but do not accept or get trapped in any kind of

- Pakistan's military associated intelligence agencies are available
in almost all donor agencies.

- All Pakistan based NGOs play a role of intelligence cover to certain
extent for ISI and Military Intelligence (MI).

- Most of the soft faces from Pakistani Punjab remain keen to make
friendship to take and give the feel. One needs to be careful. It does
not mean that one stop making friends. It only requires to become
clear on the interests of your people.

- Pakistani intelligence agencies mostly attempt to insert Sindhi and
Baloch agents among the outfits actively engage international on Sindh
and Baloch cause.

- Deception and silent propaganda are the two important tools for
Pakistani intelligence agencies. They work gradually as silent water
to eat out any strong person and groups foundations, and then target
him or her.

- It is important for Sindhis to have educated and learned Sindhis
outside Sindh, and a considerable number of them need to be outside
along with families in a bid to not even think of returning back to
Pakistan for visiting purpose. Those who have either no families or
have no intention to return back to Pakistan may have greater
potential to resist any kind of the pressure.

- Pakistani agencies have remained habitual to create some pseudo
intellectuals and activists from among Sindhis and Baloch with
intention to use them in controlling outer feel about Sindhi and

- Don't trust local employees working in the embassies. Most of them
work as 'double' agents.

- Don't share anything of high secrecy with the any foreign mission
until you are sure about their integrity.

- Despite several traps, remember one thing, your true friends and
family members will always support you.

- International forces are expected to come into liaison with Sindh
and Balochistan movements in the changing world scenario. A complete
self-reliance of the movements is essential. No doubt, the Sindhi and
Baloch movements are highly self relied therefore Pakistan and some
its criminal friendly countries have remained unable to break them.

- Avoid trusting the 'middle powers' (for example like India) if they
feel interested in your movement. There has remained a historical
tendency among some factors in such kind of countries to use your
positive 'hello-hi' for their minor interests. It does not mean to
completely blacklist any country. The soft connection always needs to
be there in the form of inteligentia and literati. The movements of
Sindh and Balochistan, can highly be considered special case, where
the movements by and large have remained self-sufficient and without
any interference.

- No need to get worried about INDIA / RAW tagging for the legitimate
movements. At least India has no history of sending Indian citizens or
armed forces to Sindh and Balochistan as mercenaries, nor the media
has reported seizure of Indian weapons from Balochistan. Yes, it has
been there that Pakistan has been sending Pakistani Punjabi civilians
and army-men under cover of 'Kashmiri Freedom Fighters'.

- Diplomatic and international relations of political and social
movements and parties is a normal act and are the reality of our
times. Therefore, it would be always best to prefer Western powerful
(s) that may be sympathetic with your movement on the realistic ground
over the neighboring 'powerful(s)', who might be eyeing you to settle
their scores with Pakistani establishment. However, in dealing with
western powers, if and when such thing happens, think carefully if the
country is highly cooperating with Pakistan.

- Don't contribute voluntarily your intellectual input as I did
sometimes in past with some countries mostly in the realm of peace,
counter-terorrism and South Asian affairs. Because, these very same
countries would be your worst enemies if and when you are caught amid
the problem.

- Always prefer to create space about your movement and dissent among
the intellectuals, writers, journalists, thinkers, teachers and
people's movements.

- South Asian, particularly, Indian media is really great; however
unfortunately it has proved over the last decades that it will under
estimate Sindhi and Baloch movements. There is more need to create
emphasis on the media highlight concerning the movements.

- I am quoting here an example. One of our friend Sherbaz Jamaldini
was given an opportunity by South Asia Partnership Pakistan
(SAP-Pakistan) to attend a event in India. He was managed to be given
wrong feel by the Indians of the 'double' agent process that India is
sympathetic to Balochistan, because it wants to settle the score with
Pakistan over the issue of Kashmir. Hence, he started propagating this
among the Baloch when he returned back to Balochistan. However the
fact has been that India has never supported issue of Balochistan.
Whenever there has been formal discussion in United Nations on the
issue of Balochistan, India use to remain silent.

- There is need for visual and scholarly stuff on and around the
movements. Such kind of things are of high importance.

- This is the time when the nations like Sindhi and Baloch will
further be attaining international focus albeit gradually, therefore
any hopeful situation further needs to be strengthened on the
realistic grounds.

- This is a high time for Sindhis and Baloch in Diaspora to really get
organized in a bid to save Sindh and Balochistan from the upcoming
threats because the moments are coming in which either Sindh would
give a leap of faith or the dream of Sindh freedom would end up in

- Remember that China's interests are primarily involved in Sindh and
Balochistan. Without Sindh and Balochistan coast, China would hardly
become an international monopoly of economy, finance and associated
strategic positioning. However, China has been solely banking,
strengthening and depending on Pakistani Punjabi military
establishment. Therefore, Sindh and Balochistan needs very wise,
calculated and highly fore-sighted steps.

I was a civil and political rights activist in past. I am now an
analyst that is still facing wrath of more than one country because of
Pakistan. I have decided to keep on writing in support of Sindhi and
Baloch movements.

Besides, I would keep on adding up further in this regards through my
brief blogs on learning from the persecution.

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India

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