Friday, June 12, 2015

India: Enemies Within


I have some observations concerning India, which I have developed out
of our years long persecution in Delhi.

Although India is yearning for the permanent membership in the United
Nations Security Council (UNSC), but the role, method and intentions
as well as weakness of Indian system has been indicative of India's
failure as a neat, clean and justice oriented system; however apart
from internal loop-holes, India no doubt qualifies for that particular
status. It needs in anyway to introduce internal changes and external
policy framework to really look internally and externally suitable for
the position.

Most of the Indians, particularly Indian intelligence agencies, may
angrily react on it. However, since we (my wife and myself) have seen
much of their unjustified wrath during last two years, therefore I
have to pay back appropriately on the matters that are related to our
self individually and to Sindhi society as well to which we belong.

A country that cannot manage to stop persecution of a person, who is a
civil and political rights activist and writer; instead its systems
feel proud to humiliate and victimize that person and is keen on doing
so, is really a big question for its balance between regional policy
and internal justice.

Almost all acts of humiliation, victimization and brutalization have
been undertaken in Delhi against us by no other than Indian
intelligence agencies and the departments; however we have been time
and again told that all this has happened on behalf of Pakistan. There
have been so many things which create so many questions in my mind
that I need to write down one by one in a bid to further seek clarity
on the issue.


1. Indian officials saying that they are facilitating Pakistan against
us on the instruction of authorities.

- If that is truth, then whole drama of India-Pakistan conflict is
fake. If that is untruth, Indian system itself wants to victimize us.
Why Indian system wants us to victimize? I am going to write about it
in the later part of the article.

2. Indian officials saying that the US CIA / FBI has sought a contract
from Pakistan in our persecution.

- If that is truth, why USA would be interested in our persecution?
Because we are civil and political activists? Because we are Sindhi?
Because we are peaceful? Because I think enormously and appropriately?
Because USA has some ill intentions for Sindh? Or because someone
wants me to think and feel against USA? Well, USA would be in better
position to reply these questions.

3. CHINDIA (China-India Axis of Indian Establishment) is processing
our persecution.

I don't know about this. I only remember one that I refused to attend
film screening and dinner with Chinese Ambassador in Nepal around
September-October 2012.

4. Pointing to UK?

- Officials about whom I was told by someone that they belong to RAW's
International Section while at Jantar Mantar said that United Kingdom
(UK) is basically facilitating persecution on behalf of Pakistan. I
don't find any reason in that; however I was told that being an
ex-colonizer, UK mostly does such kind of interventions in certain
issues. I cannot say anything; however I know one thing that UK itself
would be in the best position to clarify in this regards. I remember
that a British journalist came to me and told me that she would talk
with British High Commission in Delhi for the timely resolution of our

5. "Your protest has helped support BJP in demoralizing the Congress
around the elections."

I think, this is a kind of Jargonism to make me a fool.

6. "Problem lays with Central Government, we are unable to help you,"
Aaam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Well, this probably is truth.

Apart from all this buzz, why should I not restrict myself to those
who persecuted me Pakistan, Nepal and India and whom I know very well-
Pakistani Establishment and Indian Establishment.

If some other factors are involved, it is basically Pakistani, Indian,
and Nepali authorities who need to clarify about the details of the
persecutors. At the moment we are being persecuted in India, therefore
there is no other question that our persecution is carried out by
Indian agencies. Since we don't know exactly on whose behalf all this
has been carried out, therefore we don't need and try to see deep in
that regards. Either India, Nepal and Pakistan has to make this clear
or the countries whose names are being taken need to see when names of
their countries are being taken.


Our persecution has been carried in various perspectives that includes:

1. Refusal to undertake medical treatment

2. Refusal to issue work permission

3. Harassing those within India who wanted to support us

4. Resisting our finance

5. Sexual torture and harassment

6. Artificially administering brain abnormality drugs and then
attempting to prove abnormal

7. Humiliation and hooting across Delhi every day since last many months

8. Taking names of our family members and using abusing language
whenever I get out of my rented place

9. Sending fleets of hooters in the neighborhoods where I live and
creating an environment of hue and cry round the clock, using abusive
languages and continue months long humiliation

10. Misbehave by officials mostly in two aspects : forcing me to
verbally recognize my self a Pakistani citizen and non-refugee; and
saying that Muslims can never get refugee status in India.

I think these ten forms of brutal persecution are enough to create
hatred in us against Indian authorities; however, my respect for the
Indian people will never reduce.

Besides, when my friends in the Europe, North America, Latin America,
Eurassia and Asia-Pacific are being asked to stop communicating with
me, or are asked to not support me, I have every reason to believe in
a kind of international persecution.

Besides, when Indian authorities in some of the cases have interfered
and resisted the stamping of / processing Visa that was being
processed by some Western countries, I cannot rule out the willfulness
of Indian authorities in my persecution.

No doubt, I am a non-political entity, however I am not a-political at
all. And, the little I know is that some political circles among the
Sindhis do consider a little about my political opinion and
suggestions. And, because writers and activists are virtual
ambassadors of their nation, I strongly feel that this humiliation,
persecution, and victimization is because of myself being a vocal

In the current race of the interests in the region, where Sindh has
become and is gradually becoming a real central focus by the so many
interested countries, I clearly see downfall of so many.

India which at least for sixty-eight years was commanding friendly
feelings among Sindhi due to cultural connections, hopefully has
reduced its space among certain circles in Sindh. Since our
persecution has been meant to stop me writing for Sindh and against
Pakistan, as I have been told by an official of Indian intelligence
agency, I am sure all this has been done to weaken further the dissent
of Sindhi, and resist all the possibilities that may spread their
voice internationally. In an either way, my persecution has been
supporting the Pakistan, and the pro-Pakistani elements like China.
Therefore, the components of Indian Establishment that are involved in
our persecution, are basically Enemies of India's external and
internal long term interests.

As always, I would like to suggest a few things to Sindhis:

- I think Sindhi in Diaspora, who mostly voice for the Sindh rights,
should change their nature of relations with the think-tanks of some
of the countries particularly India, and of certain others. At the
same times, they need to engage with them in entirely different way.

- Chinese engagement in Sindh is directly proportionate with Punjab
and army's plans to change the demography of Sindh, and further
colonize Sindh therefore Sindh needs to extra-ordinary think on its
struggle concerning the settlement projects by the Pakistani
establishment in the urban and rural parts of Sindh.

- Sindhi in Diaspora should steadily need to engage with the new
emerging powers in the world. The existing heavy players needs to be
re-assessed. They also need to be educated on Sindh. Besides, the
powers which still cannot decide about their attitude to Sindh or tend
to use Sindh as bargaining chip, should be given time to really
develop a policy concerning Sindh. I think, India these days should be
considered in this context, until it reaches at certain policy

Besides, the hegemony mongering powers like China should be seen
carefully. Since Chinese do not guarantee that their proposed projects
would not be used to alter the demography of Sindh nor non-Sindhi from
within the Pakistan would take maximum benefit out of these, therefore
these projects should be seen with the critical eye until such
guarantees are made by non other than China itself.

In the changing world, there are possibilities that Russia may also
start support Pakistan establishment in future if NATO-Russia conflict
grows, therefore Sindhi thinkers also need to look at these aspects as

- India may probably loose in this conflict of interests especially in
the South China sea, Arabian sea, and Afghanistan if NATO-Russia
conflict extends.

Our personal persecution foretells Indian attitude towards Sindhi.
Thus, unfortunately Sindh probably may loose a culturally connected
well wisher and this may also be considered vice versa.

- If UK and USA can dance the tunes of both the victimization of
non-Sindhi civil rights activists; political activists; and even the
militants from Pakistan; their silence in our matter, the person who
is a writer and civil and political rights activist is a highly
doubtful, and criminal as well. This also "attitude" requires a
serious thinking by Sindhi as well.
If summed-up briefly, Sindhi in Diaspora need to review their strategy
for engaging with the international forces on Sindh.
They need to do this on priority. Maximizing the numbers of the
friends and minimizing the numbers of enemies across the world would
be the only way out to save Sindh.

It is not necessary that those who morally support freedom of Sindh
are the best friends of Sindhi people; those who tender issue based
support and those who only are interested in human rights violation
should also be taken among the fold of FRIEDS OF SINDH.

Why not the real sons of Sindh, not the cover-agents of Pakistan among
Sindhi in Diaspora, should undertake this urgently required task of
the contemporary history of Sindh.

I am a firm believer of peaceful social movements; however I have a
realization that in some cases when movements have not recognized
capacity to challenge the interest groups, their social, political
leaders and brains are usually sucked-up by the monsters. Therefore,
Sindhi movements have to re-think on their organizational and
institutional capabilities.

Finally, thinking and changing according to the tide and yet yearning
for the freedom is the real balance, Sindhi people need to learn.

Besides, it is also time for Indian authorities to rethink before it
is too late. Sindh is meaningful for India because it shares half of
the Indian borders with Indian, and because people of Sindh have
historically remained India friendly.

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