Saturday, June 13, 2015

Economy of Violence, Occupation, and criminal business by the Pakistan Rangers in Sindh

Director General (DG) of Pakistan Rangers in its bid to further
tighten its virtual rule of Karachi city and dominate over the writ of
Sindh Government has said that political parties are illegally earning
260 billion rupee annually from the city. He has also leveled the
allegations on Sindh Government for adopting the silence on the issue.

Sindh Chief Minister however has refuted the allegations and has said
that it was Pakistan Rangers intention to de-fame and demoralize the
Sindh Govt.

Unfortunately, the thugs in the uniform like Pakistan Rangers, a
second tier armed force of Pakistan Army, have been looting Sindh with
both hands extra-ordinarily since at least last two decades.


It has been evident since last two decades that the graph of violence
and the rise in the number of deployed soldiers of Pakistan Rangers
are directly proportionate.

The reality behind this is that the military establishment of Pakistan
has created violence in the city with the intention that the violence
would further provide justification for more militarization of Sindh.

Forty percent land of Karachi is officially occupied by Pakistani
Armed Forces; further 20 percent has been directly or indirectly
occupied in the suburbs of the city by Army, Navy, Air Force and
Pakistan Rangers. The land surrounding the Super Highway that connects
Karachi and Hyderabad near Sindh-Balochistan border and National
Highway that connects Karachi and Hyderabad parallel to Indus Highway,
is mostly taken by the armed forces for the housing purpose. Not a
single acre is free these days. Hence, Pakistani armed forces have
practically occupied the lands of coastal Sindh.

Besides, the military establishment of Pakistan wanted that Karachi
should be virtually handed over to Pakistan Rangers to take hold of
it. Apart from so-called security interests, Pakistan Rangers has
enormous economic interests.

Sindh Govt. spends 54.8. Billion rupees annually on law and order out
of which major share goes to Pakistan Rangers. It is roughly estimated
that Pakistan Rangers annually receives 0.5 trillion from Sindh Govt.
directly and indirectly.
Besides, the Pakistan Rangers is habitual in not paying the utility
bills for the electrify, gas and water they uses from across Sindh.
Just imagine that the Rangers has artificially managed the failure of
water supply in Karachi; hence it supplies water tankers to the whole
of the city.

For example, Rangers refused to pay the bill of electricity it
consumed in Karachi for water-pumping which last year was estimated
around 15 million rupees. Another 300 millions have to be paid by the
Rangers to Sindh Govt for the utility bills but it has out-rightly

Besides, Pakistan Rangers has illegally occupied buildings in Karachi,
and buildings of mono technical collages, some hospitals and other
Sindh Govt buildings in across the province. If a rough economic
costing is being made of this on the basis of rental as well as lose
of the end-users (students, patients, cultural tourism, and other
public benefits) it would roughly be in millions of dollars annually.

Besides, an additional 1 trillion rupee are illegally earned by the
Rangers through Karachi based illegal business that includes land
occupation; supporting builders mafia; sand and concrete extracting;
occupation of graveyards; selling illegal weapons; backing criminals
and robbers; and running flower selling business, tea-shops, sweets
and diaries, and retail business.

Almost 8000 armed troops stay on high alert everyday in the city;
however the real figure of the deployment is much beyond that.

Bombing the villages in Balochistan and Sindh; and the recent press
conference by DG Rangers is inter-connected. It is preparation for
undertaking the military operation in Karachi and rest of Sindh
against the political parties, which are considered as possible
resistant for military establishment's plans to undertake projects
with China and convert Sindhi (indigenous and Urdu speaking Sindhi)
into minority in the province.


Apart from Bahriya (Naval) Town, Zulfiqarabad, Malir Projects; there
are so many plans in the pipeline on the Supper Highway and Indus
Highway. The next in the queue is the Pakistan Air Force housing
project on Supper Highway. And, there are some projects near
Hyderabad, Sukkur, Ghotki, Mirpurkhas, and Badin as well.

Non doubt, this is a highly cautious moment for Sindhis for thinking
extra-ordinarily for their survival.

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