Friday, June 5, 2015

Why anarchy in Sindh and Balochistan suits Pakistan?

Pakistan is steadily going towards its failure. Therefore, the
establishment of Pakistan, which is ethnically Punjabi majority
associated with the military, is quickly taking all criminal steps
that suits its design to facilitate China funded projects because
these projects, in the perception of Pakistan, are the only lifeline
to the illegitimate and steadily collapsing country.

In this situation, Pakistani establishment has adopted the methods for
creating highly controlled and organized anarchy in Sindh and
Balochistan as well as to certain extent in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KP)

Pakistani establishment is well aware that it cannot do anything
until it destroys Sindh and Balochistan socio-politically. Therefore,
both of the historical countries that are now provinces of Pakistan,
are being made victim of following acts to resist ongoing or possible
political and social dissent:


- Biological war in Thar Desert and other natural resources strategic
areas that was observed in last a few years and is being observed

- Residential schemes by the armed forces in Sindh to settle at least
20 million non-Sindhis in a bid to convert them into permanent

- Heath war through penetration into Water and Sewerage Authorities
(WASA) of Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas,
Thatta, and Badin. Many reports mention the unexpected higher record
of fatal water born diseases in Sindh during last ten years.

- Attempts to tribalise Sindhi society that was never tilted towards
tribalism until 1990 and was greatly not violent before year 2000

- Organized criminal and terrorist actions

- Airing hatred against Hindu and Shia minorities. Organizing state
supported crimes in wake to victimize them.

- Airing tribal conflicts in northern districts of Sindh.

- Giving an air to the talk for the division of Sindh in a bid to
resist Sindhi nationalist movement

- Airing hatred between Sindhi speaking indigenous and Urdu speaking Sindhis

- Undertaking military operation in Urban and rural Sindh to victimize
political process particularly Sindhi nationalists with the intentions
to further resist the peaceful righst and freedom movement of Sindhi

- Abducting, torturing and extra-judicially killing the political activists

- Creating personal, social and family traps in a bid to control
rights activists and possible dissenters

- Artificially creating chaos in the administration of Sindh

- Pakistani armed forces interference in the affairs of Sindh Government

- Demoralizing and creating pressure around electoral political
parties to resist them in their possible appropriate decisions for the


- Acts in artificially tinting freedom war in Balochistan

- Acts to create conflicts between Baloch and Pashtun as well as
Baloch and Sindhi in a bid to further isolate Balochistan movement

- Attempts to include criminals in the outer orbit of Balochistan freedom war

- Committing war crimes against freedom fighters as well as against civilians

- Mass murders and burying collectively the Baloch activists and civilians

- Heinous crimes against humanity in the form of genocide and massacres

- Not allowing Balochistan Government to work appropriately

- Forcing Balochistan Government to act on the instructions of the military

- Forcing Balochistan Assembly to pass the resolutions against the
people of Balochistan

- Fake propaganda against Baloch freedom movement


No other time than this requires a close and grand alliances between
Sindhi and Baloch movements locally and internationally. Almost all
currents of Sindhi and Baloch politics -- freedom-mongers and delivers
of provincial autonomy -- as well as rights bodies and journalists
from across the both lands need to come into various forms of
political alliances and rights bodies as well as journalistic
coordination locally and internationally. This is the high time when
Urdu speaking Sindhis also need to join hands of Sindhi and Pashtun to
join hands of Baloch people.

If Sindh and Balochistan become successful in resisting colonist
designs of Pakistan in the ongoing time, they will be able to save
their sovereignty in future.

(Zulfiqar Shah, stateless Sindhi refugee, New Delhi, India)

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