Monday, June 22, 2015

Plan Globally, Persecute Locally: The Role of Indian conflicts behind my persecution

I have just started writing the blogs about the brief but detailed
information and analysis of our persecution. It is a better mean of
communication when you are kept in prolonged persecution, and
especially when your complaints receive no response from the
authorities of the country where persecution has been carried.


There are some episodes of the happenings, which I haven't unfolded as
yet. Although those details are minor, and are solely based on India's
internal mechanism and issues; it is better to narrate these brief and
minor things so that at least Indian authorities, and my friends also
may come to know about the realities of the issues.

I was told by the Pak Section of the Delhi Police Bhawan officials by
the August 2013 that some listening gadgets have been inserted in my
body. At this stage, wherever you will go and talk, the authorities
would listen. They also said "You are the person, from whom only the
voice comes. No voice reach you through the instruments." Later on, I
was told in Rohni that everything is now finalized, just we have to
open the instruments of ears so that you may listened the
instructions. I was shocked. Later on, someone said that there are two
points of anger at this stage.

1. Why a person associated now with system no. 2 (an intelligence
agency) is staying at the place that is associated with the system no.
1 (another intelligence agency.).

2. I was told by February 2015 that now Delhi Govt is using him for
listening his discussions with others.

All this was done without my permission and knowledge. It is the worst
kind victimization that something has been done against me which no
doubt is very inhuman. I am still puzzled why all this has been done
in Delhi against me? When recently I complained through my blog about
the shouting as well as hue and cry, the voices started buzzing in my
ears probably through the instruments.

What happened at Jantar Mantar after Supreme Court of India rejected
my petition by saying that come through a lawyer, if you are
interested in refugee resettlement only. The apex court is willing to
facilitate you a lawyer.

An inspector from Pak Section of Delhi Police Bhawan visited someone
Mr. A. Solanki. He asked him to facilitate temporary residence to Mr.
and Mrs. Shah who are giving protest sit-in at Jantar Mantar. Mr.
Solanki contacted with South Asian Peace Alliance (SAPA) and Ekta
Parishad associated persons. When I contacted the individuals
associated with these organizations, they asked me to stay at Mr.

When we started living in Rohni at Mr. Solanki's facility, he kept on
insisting me to compete and act against one Mr. N. Singh, who once
visited us at Jantar Mantar and was very much kind. I simply refused.
I said I have nothing to do with your tussles. I don't know weather it
was a conflict between individuals or political groups. The same was
said to me by someone at Pak Section of Delhi Police Bhawan especially
in the month of July 2014 avoid in coming into communication with Mr.
N. Singh, even if he himself contacts you. It is no doubt I talked
twice with Mr. N. Singh after December 2014, when he met me at Jantar

An strange aspect of this situation is that when I was told by a
senior leader of Indian civil society that now by living in Rohini,
you can enjoy the hours long journey to the Supreme Court of India, if
you are further interested in case. It was a good joke indeed.
Sometimes that happens; however I am in no mood to find any negativity
out of someone who is a man of integrity. I don't know the realities
behind all this. It might have been a mockery or a simple joke. Let us
give benefit of doubt to all of them in a bid that someone may not
have ill intentions.


Besides, the worst aspect of the things in this persecution is the way
I have been startled through the technological connectivity between
friends and family members in India, Sindh, North America and Europe.
At least I found many similar and common usage of sentences. It gives
me a sense that there were many actors involved or had a direct access
to this process.


Since I don't know about the real background of persecution; I know
only one thing that the continuous use of the language that carried
duality of meanings, imposing such kind of communications have been
probably an attempt to make me abnormal and tag a blame of
schizophrenic in a bid to prove me insane so that they may skip
themselves from the crimes they have been committing.

(New Delhi, India)

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