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A shameful dirty drama around us: the Indian episode

It was January 2014. We organized a very small event to honor Pir
Pagara Sorihya Badshah on the Day of the Freedom Martyrs of India. It
was a very brief event. I announced the event on the facebook. A few
dozens attended from across the city.

All of sudden the behavior of the intelligence agencies became worst
gradually. I heard the remark by an intelligence agency person, "You
can influence anyone, anywhere in the world. You can create new
friends and followers anywhere. Therefore you are very dangerous
person." And hence, he added, they have decided to give you tough

Since that particular day, the darker episodes of my hitherto
persecution started, which shook the very much foundations of my

The drama was underway since long. It meant to tint my image in Delhi
and elsewhere. Let me briefly express how all this has been done.


What Indian establishment agencies have done with us to upease
Pakistan? They have played a round the clock live drama around our

They have created the human replica of my family members and friends
in my thoughts and imaginations through the names of certain Indians
whom I already knew.

There are some persons in India that have been given names of my
broader family relations that include my brothers, sisters, brother
in-laws, sister in-laws, mother, uncles, aunts, and almost everyone.

Then they started uttering sentences that were around the sexuality
regarding all these male and female friends. Besides, they just wanted
to know about my various social, professional, and political relations
in across the world. A drama was created around these. In the
beginning they wanted to know and came to know about my social,
professional, and political relations, the little socialization I had.
When they couldn't found anything out of that which they might get as
an evidence, they attempted to create an artificial drama so that they
may have at least anything against me. That particular drama was
around the personal relations. Through normal course of so-called
"opening-up" nothing was found, which may fall in the category of
something beyond the majority ethics (although I believe that everyone
has right to live according to one's own ethics, until does not try to
impose its ethnics on the majority and others.) Therefore, they tried
to create an environment which was intended to push me think beyond
the normal human ethics for example gayism and incestism. Finally in
a circus style, they roamed around the city, and used to say you have
slept with your respectable relations, particularly sisters. And, they
started saying this in almost whole of the city, wherever I was going.
When this circus was being carried, a laser technology process was
being carried out on my brain everywhere through the satellite. The
process was being carried on the capleries and veins of my brain that
particularly were carrying either anatomical / physical actions of
the body associated with the sex or the memories of sexual
relationships as well as if I had seen some nude pictures and videos
in my life.

Because there was nothing like that in my memories, therefore the
whole laser technology process was focused on the sexual desire part
of the brain. Besides, I was also given some chemical compounds that
were activating my sex-harmones or simply stimulating compounds.
Therefore, whenever these process were carried together, a kind of
particular feeling was developing. Besides, since I made at least
three sisters in Delhi city during the protest sit-in, therefore I
primarily started thinking in that direction. Later on, they started
taking the names of my real sisters and in-laws, in the very same way.
At the same-time, I found an strange similarity between this dramas
here and the communication from Sindh by my family members; however
that was not having any direct indication of such thing but a smaller
amount of the same sentences that were being used in Delhi were also
uttered by those.

This was enough to understand the duplicity. Therefore due to whole
process, I was pushed to think for the moment in the particular

I am giving an example here:

I was told by someone that there is a namesake sister of me India.
When you were aslept in the night, they managed her to have sex with
me, of which I was not knowing at all. Now I was asked, what would you
say in this regards. I said that this question in itself is idiotic.
Then they kept on pressing the question for the whole week. And, at
the end I said in such a proposed assumption, which seems to be a trap
case by the intelligence agencies, such thing is not crime. The
criminals are those who have managed that. Even such things can never
fall in the ambit of crime when they happen out of external push. The
responsibility fall again on those who create the situation.

And, later on, they kept on pressing this to make me feel that this
has happened with me in India. Sometimes, I was being said it was your
name-sake sister, while in other times, it was being said that she was
your real sister as well as sister in-laws. All this drama was carried
out in almost all parts of the city. It was meant to tint my image; as
well as it was meant to make me schizophrenic and mentally ill. At the
final stage, I was kept on saying by the chorus that accept that you
have slept with your sisters / mother. It was impossible for me to
give an inappropriate and untrue statement.

So finally, to get rid of the situation, I said that if that has
happened, why the intelligence agencies have problem. Let the person
come directly and tell me the situation, and I will let you know.
Since I know this is a drama, therefore don't attempt to make me
mentally sick. And, god-forbids, if this is a reality than you have no
right to make circus.

Since you are making a circus around this self proposed puzzle like
situation, therefore you have negativity and you want to take negative
advantage out of it. Therefore, stop this drama. Talk something new.
Something non-personal.

I personally believe that there are so many innocents who have been
forced to play this act of negativity creating in Delhi. I don't blame
them. I blame those in the top authority who have either asked them to
do this or allowed them to do so. Since I believe that none can do
this voluntarily, therefore individuals can never be made victimized
in that regards.


There are so many reasons behind this. Pakistan and India jointly
decided that I may not go outside India. Probably there was a third
country involved in this process that managed India to do this;
however this is not clear to me as yet that which exactly the country
it was. Or let me say that I "formally" do not know about the country.

I was asked in Delhi to apply for citizenship here. I was asked to
stop talking about Sindh and submerge with the Indian society. I
refused that. And this created an anger. I think, some intelligence
agencies in India that wanted me to stay permanently in the country
have done this on the insistence of Pakistan, or the higher-ups who
may be in the liaison with the Pakistan establishment. They probably
thought in that way they would de-fame me in India, so that I may not
undertake any active life here; my image may be made tinted in Sindh;
and the countries that were considering my refugee re-settlement
should also refuse my case.


This process has damaged my thought process and my metal health.
However, I still manage to write about the things. They keep on saying
me that I am an abnormal person. They have inserted gadgets in my
spine and in the certain lobes of my brain. Whatever I think, imagine
and talk, everything is seen and listen by the large group of persons,
the local intelligence fraternity and many others in India, some in
Pakistan and in the other parts of the world.

(New Delhi, India)

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