Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Covert Acts by Indian Intelligence agencies against me and some well know Indians

Covert Acts by Indian Intelligence agencies against me and some well
know Indians

I am being kept in the continuously torture environment. People speak
in my ears through the gadgets inserted in body. They become angry
whenever I talk about Pakistan. They usually ask me to tick the names
out of following asking who was my friend in India, especially when I
contributed to Indian think tanks on the matters of peace in South
Asia and Analysis about politics in Pakistan, particularly Sindh:

Here is the list of names:

- Ashok Slanki
- Nahar Singh
- Neha
- P. V. Rajgopal

Although those who speak in and around my ears, mostly focus two names
out of four; however whenever I take one name of out these,
particularly of Ahok Solani, they become angry, and start abusing me.

Why the names of these four persons they do take? There is a simple
reason behind this:

- Nahar Singh:
A person who mate us at Jantar Mantar, supported us morally and even
asked his friends circle particularly lawyers to file petition in the
High Court of Delhi. And, later on in Delhi he attempted to facilitate
/ sear a residence in the city. He was abstained to contact us.

- P. V. Rajagopal
He was literally abused by the persons who were speaking in my ears.
He was the first person in India who supported me while I arrived in
the city. He later on tried to facilitate me a residence in Delhi but
he was abstained.

- Neha
An almost unknown journalist to me who only had a few minutes talk.
She is also being abused. I don't know at all the reason because she
never supported me in the city.

- Ashok Solanki
I was sent to Ashok Solanki by Rajagopal. At his facility I
encountered severe troubles. When I asked Rajagopal for possibility of
alternative residential place, he earlier made a committed; and later
on after meeting with Ashok he refused to meet me.

I don't know why these questions are being asked. Who is asking? Whose
interest is this. Are these Indian intelligence agencies that are
doing such act? Or there are some others who are doing that?

I am sure , in India, only Indians can do this. And, I am amazed that
those who talk in my ears, usually gets angry when I talk against
Pakistan. A one million dollar question in deed!

New Delhi, India

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