Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How I am being torture - a brief about means and methods

How Pakistan Army is technically inserted in my body and how activists from across the countries in Pakistan are at the stakes.

I am not in the blue. I am tortured and I am being tortured. Voices and vibrations are coming from outside and from within my body through modern satellite based technology to steal, pervert and damage the human brains by taking the nerves and restrict them from thinking and making movement.

This is a new kind of virtual detention as well, which is administered through hacking nerves and brain and giving extra-ordinary psychological torture. This psychological torture is further given a very much practical face through modern 3D technology to make the victim feel more torture.   

Pakistan wanted to know much about Sindh and Balochistan but unfortunately has received no response because I haven't confirmed any statement they tried to impose on me. I have refused to consider this process legitimized.      


Our storey is quite simple; I am trying to express some of its aspects briefly.


-          Many persons talk in my ears and their voice come through vibrations. They claim to be official representatives of India and Pakistan, and sometimes Nepal. They sometimes invite known persons from Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan. Their voices are real or fake is unknown to me. I'll think upon it in future that which voices were real and which one were machine created (masked). 


-          Over the period of last two years some specialized persons from Pakistani establishment were given space to understand me. No doubt this was facilitated by Indian authorities. I don't know which the reasons behind such facilitation were. Some have developed capability to talk and behave like me, they can electronically create my voice pitch to realize others that Zulfiqar Shah is talking. Besides, certain typical expressions of various socio-political leaders and activists as well as my families have been attempted to be identified.


-          My own voice has been misused during this persecution. If I say / talk certain words, they are told to others in very much opposed and negative meaning. I have observed that this has been done with those who seem to be from Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhyunkhuwa, Siraikistan, and Islamabad. The same has also been done concerning Indian citizens. They hardly share my own voice / sentences when I talk with my wife Fatima Shah. They have also system to put words in my mouth so when I talk, I may start talking their sentences but I have been fighting with that. I, most of the times, have remained successful to talk my own words when I talk for quite longer period otherwise a few sentences reply to Fatima is usually mis-reported to those who are listening.

-          They misquote me; deteriorate my sentences; misuse them and I fear that this may be used against those who have remained associated with me to further harass, dis-inform, and seek more socio-political and other information.


-          I have kept silence during last five months. Hundreds of thousands sentences are being talked in my ears. I have been psychologically forced to talk what Pakistan authorities exactly want. I have refused to accept any dictation. I haven't talked anything. And whenever I have talked, I have claimed my words. Even in some moments I have been forced to talk according to the terms of my persecutors, which has also been deteriorated.


-          They have been using technology to forces me thinking. They have been harassing me through talks, photographs and images they have developed, and used to humiliate us.  


-          I am told that a group is talking from Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, and Pakhtunkhuwa as well as from elsewhere. They speak some sentences. A conversation is started. My fake voice is made to further disinform / misinform as well as harass them.


-          This is being done to ascertain things against me and those who have either remained associated or are dissenters in the Sindh, Balochistan, Siraki South Punjab, Punjab, Islamabad and Khyber Pakhutunkhuwa in Pakistan as well as various parts of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and some other parts of the world.


-          Since I haven't committed any crime therefore Pakistan authorities want to create some grounds through which they may be able to do something against me. Over the period of more than five months of this kind of persecution, Pakistan authorities have failed to find anything against me, therefore they have started focusing to humiliate and demoralize me.   

I have found it essential to write this. I have remained unable to write. I have dared to write in bid to get rid of this torture as well as to let the others know about such kind of happenings and fore warn them about the intentions of the criminal state of Pakistan against activists and thinkers in Sindh, Balochistan, Siraikistan and Pashtunkhuwa.  

I don't know wether I would be able grab chance to write again during this; however I am thanking to the authorities here in India who have shown whatsoever generocity they could offer to give me space for writing such things. I just want to tell that my persecution is not over as yet. I'll write regarding this whenever I will get fully out of the situation.  


Zulfiqar, New Delhi, India

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