Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nuclear waste dumping by Pakistan at Sindh-Balochistan borders

Notes from the torture field


Pakistan has been dumping nuclear waste at the Kirthar ranges in district Qabar-Shahdadkot adjacent to district Khuzdar of Balochistan. Earlier it was also a known fact that primarily the nuclear waste was being dumped in Arabian Sea at the coastline of Balochistan near and around the Bay of Son Miyani in district Lasbela and parts of district Ketch Makran.

The unexpected and unforeseen military movement during the first half of 2010s; the planning and process of road from Karachi to the facility via Kirthar-Indus Highway is also an addition to that.

 The threats from such facility to the human life are grave. In a bid to hide the crime of dumping nuclear waste in and near thickly populated districts of Sindh and Balochistan, Pakistan authorities want extraordinary control of the mountainous areas that fall in district Qambar-Shahdadkot; Dadu and Jamshoro.  Almost all NGOs are being controlled so that none may either raise voice nor they may be able to conduct medical or other related tests. Besides, the existence of natural resources in the rim particularly rich reservoirs of Uranium in Johi Tehsil in adjoining district Dadu is another fact most of the people in Sindh does not know as yet.

This is the briefest blog to give a mentioning of the realities. 

It is important to mention here that a blog had already uploaded these details. I personally authentically opine that existence of such hazardous facility in Sindh is beyond strong doubts. Besides, the vulnerability of Nuclear power house in Karachi has always been threatening a mini-Charnobyl kind of carnage for not only the people of Sindhi-Balochistan and India but also for marine life, biodiversity and Indus Delta Eco-System / Region.    

I really feel pleasure to write these a few line while I am directly being monitoring by the ISI and MI of Pakistan through the facilitation of Indian authorities due to unknown reasons. Yes, I feel thankful that I have got benefit from Indian democracy for using interne during this vulnerable situation of myself and my wife.  These minimum cushions are only possible in the countries like India, Nepal and probably Bangladesh. I am still saying that my virtual confinement with Pakistani authorities and intelligence agencies through wireless, robots and satellite is a heinous crime and rights violation. I would like to write again these shorter blogs if possible in future; as I am unsure about the length of the persecution. I am sure none including myself have thought that person under virtual confinement and torture would ever get time write such kinds of lines. Here is brief about our vulnerability in New Delhi, India on behalf of Pakistan:


Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India

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