Thursday, May 28, 2015

Intelligence theatre: An attempt to make us insane

Although we have undergone the worst during at least last two years
here in India, the theatre -style persecution has been an ugliest
lesson in my life. I would just try to narrate some features of it.

The group, sounds and the crew:

Where ever we have lived in Delhi, we have almost faced similar
situation. As per modern surveillance mechanisms, the front-line
workers do carry wireless system mostly fitted in their intestines,
through which they hear the instructions in their ears, and whatever
they talk is usually listened by their handlers. Therefore, in modern
intelligence most of the agents actually do voice-over / lip service
of what they usually listen. There are two kinds of gadgets that are
fitted in the front-line surveillance agents - instruments which turn
your eyes into camera and transmit images to the handling centre, and
the gadget that is connected with your spine in a bid to hear whatever
you think and even talk with yourself.

Technology to read minds:

There is a combination of use of pharmaceutical compounds, verbal
mainstreaming and laser technology to push you talk about the
incidents of certain time frame. Besides, one is used to be
pressurized for taking certain names by repeating those names again
and again after giving compounds and processing laser work on the
person's brain.

Sometime, the Centre of the brain is de-activated so that the person
may not hide the realities. Usually left and right lobes of your mind
for longer memory, temples for the recent memory, and the parts of
older memory are being checked separately through the combination of
the process.

Sometimes, only one area of the mind is activated and rest are bing
closed. This is particularly done if the investigating / persecuting
intelligence agency wants to take the results of its own interests or
want to manipulate the person or want to press him for saying YES for
the untruth.

How this process has been launched against us in India:

1. There has been use of dog barking, cries of children and women, and
shouts of children especially at the time of sleeping or when I
started writing.

2. I was told wrongly that my certain family members are now in India.

3. Whenever some special happenings were bound to happen in Pakistan,
I was particularly kept under pressure to not write.

4. I was included in Gee-Row process, in which a big cue of security
agencies was made around me. I was told that their fortune depends on
my actions. Wherever I'll go, they will stay there. To release them,
I'll have to go to the same place again in bid to save them because
once you leave them there, they will become working-slaves. If I
talked against Pakistan or India or against any interest groups, these
persons would suffer.

5. At least, 'a sentence of their choice' is being repeated tens of
times so that my mind may develop a habit that whatsoever someone
says, I may repeat again and again. This was been made not only to
prove me an Insane person but also in a bid to push me making
statements they wanted me to utter and hence, they may be recorded for
their benefit. They have been unlucky to greater extent in this
regards as yet.

6. Activating at hyper pace my sexual hormones, using stimulating
compounds, initiating porn talks and sentences around me, forcing
persons from surrounding to shout and talk about sexy language round
the clock to pervert my thought or stimulate my thinking towards
sexuality. And by doing this, read my mind. Taking names of my female
and male friends from across the world, and the family members and
noting that how I am thinking about them. Forcing me to utter /
repeat fake statements like a Parrot after those who repeat the
statements in chorus. Such statements are used to be ones which are
untruth but they wanted to get them according to their own desire. For
example the dozens of people would say in my surrounding wherever I
would be: "I have did this political act." "I have committed this
crime." "I have slept with certain person." This would be kept on
repeated again and again until I myself repeat them to think that
actually they want to do by making such sentences. This is how
manipulation is being made.

7. Resisting my financial resources, hindering my visa processes,
resisting my refugee re-settlement etc.

8. Extra-ordinary sexual advancement towards me, especially during the
rush and than recording it into mobile video.

9. Making sensitive my hearing senses enough by combining them with my
sex generating areas of my mind. As a result, I feel aroused even on
the computerized voice of females and males on the telephone.

10. Time and again, they make the intellectual part of my brain
inactive, and activate the memories component. In that particular
moment, a chorus of hints, points, clues, names, first, letters of the
names are being pronounced. Time and again they open-up the veins
associated emotions and relations, of nudity and of anger as well as
fear. At the same time, some stimulating pills are also administered.
They have also activated my nudity vein. In that particular moment, my
mind start making inappropriate images of whose name is taken before

I have been told again and again that if I talked about my persecution
in India I would be trapped and would be pushed towards severity. I
have only one reply that I have learned from my teachers "It is better
face the possible worst than to be blackmailed by any threat of
possible trap."

All this has been done in last two years in a bid to make me further
vulnerable. To save themselves from the crime they committed together
in Nepal and India.

In this regards, I utter a conversation:

I utter a few words by some Indians:

Official: "You should apply for Indian citizenship."

Me: "Thanks for your kind suggestion. It would really be great honor.
However, I would prefer to continue of refugee status until I am in
India and elsewhere because in that case I'll have certain degree of
freedom for writing on Sindh and on Pakistan."

Official: "You should forget Sindh. And, you have to recognize
yourself Pakistani"

Me: "I am a Sindhi. I am not Pakistani. I am a Sindhi refugee. I am
just waiting for my refugee re-settlement outside Pakistan."

I want to add up about a happening in Nepal:

I was invited by someone that was part of join mechanism of
India-USA-Pakistan. That person was of Indian origin and said that
India is not interested in Sindhi people's movement. India does not
want to see Sindh and Balochistan free countries. In Jawalakhel, a
person associated with a Holland intelligence set-up came along with a
Maulvi associated with either Jamat-e-Islami Hind or Jamiat-e-Ulema
Hind (India) at our house. I was told that the Maulvi was working with
UK's DFID and wants to check our house and wants to know about our
religious practices. That particular visit has remained a big
question. This becomes of special importance when I came to know that
some persons who acted against us in Nepal also came from
Nepal-Bangladesh-India border area as well as Champaran district of
Indian Bihar.

I cannot forget mentioning one thing - the Indians have tried their
best to show their sympathy and have never let us felt that we are out
of our country.

This is a brief to just develop an understanding of the friends around
the nature of the persecution we are undergoing. I hope this will help
educate them as well in understanding the modern means of persecution
as well.

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India

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