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Deceptiveness: State, Religion, Sex and hijacking the Brain

Why that happens when states and state associated intelligence
agencies wants to cage the brains, minds and thinking, they stage

Why that happens when states fear thinking brains and uncompromising
minds in certain moments more than the movements?

Because some persons become symbols in their people's existence.

Because some minds are capable to think beyond the matrix.

Because state structures are more conservative, slow in their pace to
adopt change and transformation.
Because states in long run today becomes more an organism of interest
groups and mafias than that of an structure of appropriate social

There is an important phenomenon, which is usually created when states
act against the spirit and characteristic of the social institutions,
norms and principles. For almost all of the states, there is only one
principle 'Statism'.

Pakistan that claims to be an Islamic state, has been doing every
thing against the spirit of Islam. There are some countries, which are
Christian majority but have a full history of acts that have been
against the principles of Christianity.

I have personally and my families have undergone the years of
persecution by Pakistan and on behalf of Pakistan. During my last two
years in India, I gave protest sit-in at Jantar Mantar, a place in
front of one oldest Church of Delhi. I lived in a Hindu temple and a
Muslim shrine. No full stop came to our persecution at these area.
Non-ethics dominated and prevailed everywhere. Instead, the religious
practitioners at all three places became part of persecutors, albeit
unwillingly. Therefore, if seen in the realistic matrix, it is the
HUMANISM alone that has to be a real the 'something', the real divine
our times because a divine is necessary to serve humans and humanity,
and hence establish a strong personal relation between individual and
nature (God). It is therefore, until religion does not become the
personal entity, the majority of issues of humankind would not get

Coming to the issue of our persecution, we have learned a lot because
we have suffered a lot and undergone the worst.

A state like India, has remained unable to address our issue not
because it is unable to do so but because it has been stuck to the
'State Dharam' in which our victimization has been perceived in the
state interest. Yes, the silent consent by Indian agencies (in
Kathmandu) for our poisoning and persecution in Nepal by Pakistan has
been they key factor probably behind the fact that when we stepped
down at Delhi, the very same process of persecution started. None was
allowed to undertake the medical treatment of us in Delhi. It was no
doubt the greatness of some Indian doctors who undertook our medical

I cannot forget the positive role by some of the Indian system
components that kept on helping us in such an adverse situation. The
professional support by some Indian journalists and rights activists
has always remained unforgettable. I was told once by an official of
Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi while I was protesting at Press
Club of India that seventy five percent poison was detoxified from my
body until October 2013.

Blending fallacious personal with the political:

When states want to hunt someone, they create traps for minds and
thoughts. Time and again, it has been quoted that our persecution by
Pakistan is being facilitated in India on the instance of a powerful
country. Which one is that powerful country - nobody knows. I haven't
been told who is behind all this.

As it happens, whenever a state wants to suppress a nation or its
leading activists and faces, it blends blames of personal nature and
exaggerates and create fallacious assumptions with the allegations of
social and political nature. I am also not spared from that. This, for
the first time, I came to know in Kathmandu, Nepal when a Senior of a
leading Film Documentary Institution, a lady, told me that Pakistan
has also said, "You are a womanizer." And, "I have been asked to take
you in my fold to engage with you in Film Production profession
because womanizers have potential to become best film directors."
"Thanks for the best offer," I replied. "I am unfortunate that I was
not been even an average sex-buddy not because I was a pious kind of
person, but because I had no time for that." "Anyone, who is creative
and have power of imagination can be a film director, womanizer is not
a quality in any way," I laughed and added.

I am undergoing process of opening-up in India. "Opening Up" is the
best cover for our persecution. "Three persons were selected. Two have
admitted in UK and USA that they are Lions, the remaining one is you,
who is not opening up. This is a matter of our international
professional reputation," an Indian Intelligence Agency official said
me in 2014.

I am being asked the questions of personal nature. The names of my
ex-girl friends and details of illicit relations if any (although I
believe in the morality and reality that no relation can be illicit
until it is unconsented and your existing partner has problem with
that.). I have told them whatsoever are the popular names of women in
Sindh, Balochistan and India -- a few dozens names knowing that
nothing would be beneficial for them because if you tell them even the
names of the persons, whom you have only read and seen in the
newspapers and television, how that can be established. I have no
doubt mentioned the names of my two girl friends, the only persons who
entered in my life excepting my wife. Why I have done that? Because
some of the persecutors (undercover interrogators) were probably
biased and wanted to make my shirt dirty.

I have been asked again and again about my opinion on gender, same-sex
marriages, gayism, lesbianism and incest. They have been keen to find
a gay or an incest in me. It was unfortunate of them, as I told them,
"It was unfortunate for me to not observe that side of sexuality
because of my family education, although I am clear that any contested
relation is someone's liberty beyond the gender and nature of the

Creating traps

Most of the intelligence agencies prefer to create traps in bid to
keep themselves on the safe side of what they have been doing against
someone. The very same has been done against me here in India. Almost
all attempts were made to find maximum negativity from me; I have been
given the chemical compounds through edibles, fumes and other stuffs,
and the work was being carried through laser technology on my mind.
All this has been done with the intention that I may become harsh,
misbehave, give fallacious statements so that our persecutors may seek
more time for furthering their agenda against us and find some
negativity out of us so that they may hide their crimes committed
against us in India.

Drama for seeking fallacious and baseless statements

When intelligence agencies commit crime, they keep on creating
pressure on the victim in a bid to seek "YES" on some fallacious
statements so that they may not only hide their crime but also further
victimize the victims. Same tactics were used against us in Pakistan,
where some gadgets were inserted in my body probably in a workshop by
Christian Studies Centre, Rawalpindi, similar kind of thing happened
in Nepal and has been happening in India as well.

Through administering high depression pharmaceutical compounds,
creating an environment of fear, and insurrection they sought at least
a few baseless statements from me, as well as generating aggression
out of me. I did it so that I may get space for running out of that

Same was repeated in the worst form during our stay in India. Whenever
they wanted a statement, they gave sense losing as well as nervous
break-down compounds, and left so many persons around the place of my
positioning or staying. And, whatsoever statement they wanted to seek,
they kept on repeating around me until I started thinking on it and
repeated it in a bid to understand what they do want to achieve by
doing that. And, when I pronounced the statement, that was recorded
since gadgets are already in my body.

Many times, sex drama was also been created around me. I have either
been pushed to have sex or was push to think about having sex. They
wanted to seek some fake statements. To avoid drama furthermore, I
kept on saying that I have made sex with this and that person, whose
names are being taken by you. Besides, I told them that I have also
had sex with the dignitaries from India, Pakistan, USA and UK. If you
can prove that my sexual intercourse with your dignities is true, than
rest of the statements would also be truth.

Besides, whenever, I told them about the very serious facts of their
own, they avoided the subjects.

They just wanted to tint my image, they have shared live voice and
video stream, as I have been told by a few, to the various persons in
India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, EU and north America.

Whenever they wanted to further tint my image particularly on the time
when a larger number of people were listening to me, they just closed
down the intellectual faculties of mind and opened up the personal
ones. And, the questions, buzz around my place and my thoughts got
mixed. Therefore, they remained satisfied that they have become able
to tint my images. Sometimes, I was given compounds to express
harshness and I had been expressing it against Indian authorities also
due to their partnership in committing crimes against me and they have
been using that statement against seeking further extension of my

I was also told you a girl would also be managed to get sleep with you
in a bid to trap you. I used to say, "my pleasure."

Here is the broader theme of their questions:

- My image being a terrorist - my response was absolute NOT.

- My image as intelligence agent of India - my response was NOT,
however said that I have been giving intellectual input to Indian
Think-Tanks and some concerned intelligence units on the South Asian

- My image as intelligence agent of the Western countries - my
response was NOT, however I have played role against terrorism and
have been supporting them indirectly.

- My image as intelligence agent of Pakistan - my response was
absolutely NOT. And NEVER in past, present and future

- My image as political leader - I reiterated that I am a civil and
political rights activists, was involved in politics while was student
and have contributed intellectually to the liberationaist and
federalism political parties of Sindh and to certain extent in

- My image as Gay, Bi-Sexual and Incest - my formal response has been
straight, has never excersised and believed in the incest; however believe that
sexuality is a someone's personal matter and anything that is
consented is fine according to realities around the sexuality in the
world today.

The worst and heinously criminal aspect of the persecution is that
like in Pakistan, they have attempted to create sex symbols in my
mind. They have activated the vein of nudity in my brain. They have
chanted some letters and words resembling to the names of my friends
as well as family members, and have been continuously pronounced
around me after giving me stimulating compounds. So whenever I write
or talk seriously, they pronounce these words, and whole of thinking
is hindered sometimes by the thought about sexuality. I can name it as
sexual and psychological torture as well.

This is what I have thought important to share with the friends. This
may add up further to knowledge of my friends.

The names of those who were also involved in the persecution of my
self, my broader family, office colleagues and friends are being asked
again and again. How can I tell them? They just want to erase all

I am just thinking to shift my family somewhere once I am settled
anywhere in the world. I just can salute my broader family, friends
and office colleagues who remained supportive Pakistan even after
remaining in severe pressure. I also salute to the Indians, and others
who have been quite sympathetic and supportive to us.

One thing I am sure. I cannot withdraw my socio-political opinion. And
my thinking for the freedom of Sindh.

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India

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