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Torture that shook me

Torture that shook me

I have written in details on the various forms of persecution in
Pakistan against me and the persons associated with me. I haven't
mentioned as yet about how the establishment used traps against my
personal being concerning sexuality and about my family members.

There were three components of my persecution:

1. Sexual traps
2. Conflict creating within my family
3. Attempt to penetrate into my immediate and broader family
4. Attempt to penetrate in my office
5. Attempt to engage me with the girls of NGOs sector in Islamabad around me;
6. And, attempt persuade me by the family members of Pakistan Army'
senior commissioned officers (Colonel, Brigadier and General)

Along with giving me tough time on professional and social front, they
just wanted to create a trap through maneuvering for involvement in
the illicit relationships.

It is important to mention here that it was Christian Studies Centre,
Islamabad that managed this penetration into my family. And, that
penetration was carried forward through Pakistan-India double agent
Tarun Singh, a captain in Pakistan Army's military intelligence, who
works under cover of Pakistan Television as an anchor person.

Captain Tarun Singh is Canada born Sikh Punjabi whose father was once
activist of Khalistan Movement.

Our persecution began in Pakistan by encircling my and Fatima's
immediate families and friends. Aanother network of Dubai-Chandigarh
of India-Pakistan double agents also became active by 2009.

They pressurized and tried to create traps around our families and
friends. Our families and friends have suffered the worst, and in so
many manners more than me. I can say nothing but to salute for their
being in the toughest situation and yet supporting me.

The worst side of the story is the sexual and psychological torture on
me in Islamabad, Karachi and Hyderabad. A few female persons from
distant relatives and friends were made sex-icons to me through a
process on which I would write in details in future, I was continuesly
given stimulating pills, and was kept on giving the psychological
impulse towards certain persons. One of our office, ISM, employee was
trapped by Military Intelligence (MI) Latifabad in Hyderabad as well
as MI Sukkur.

From March to October 2011, the first floor of our office was hired by
ISI - Mirpurkhas unit, and from November 2011to May 2012 the top floor
of the building was hired by MI - Sukkur. MI - Jamshoro also started
interfering in our office.

I was kept on given the stimulating, talkative and depression creating
pharmaceutical essences (drops) that were being given to me in the tea
and water. However, I salute the kindness, commitment and support of
my office staff who themselves no doubt remained under severe pressure
but supported me unto the last.

In India:

Pakistan is continuously being facilitated by Indian authorities
concerning our persecution.

This persecution is ill intended and I have been forced to do wrong
things in India during last two years and was asked and pressurized to
say "Yes" to their fake statements on my political opinions and
personal relations. I was asked to say that I have been in some
unexpected "sexual relations" even if I haven't been in the relations.
All this was done in the PG Hostel of Munirka; in Rohni as well as
during certain time-period at the place I have been living recently. I
have also been forced to keep some sexual relations by apparently
commoners but in fact associated with some Indian Intelligence
Agencies. All this was being done, especially whenever I wrote
something hard about Pakistan either on the facebook or in articles.
This extremly happened in Rohni and to certain extent in the premises
of area where I am living these days.

They first gave me chemicals and stimulating pills, created an
environment of pressure, kept on taking the names of female family
members and friends. Since there are some gadgets inserted in my
spine, whatsoever I imagine, think and talk is being listed and

Sometimes, I have been given the elements during last two years due to
which I think unnecessary, talk negative and positive at the same time
for the same issues and remain in the illusions, and express

I have been kept on pressurized to not write against Pakistan, and
withdraw my thought for the freedom of Sindh that I refused. I was
asked at Jantar Mantar to tender apology to Pakistan in writing, than
the issue would be resolved, which I also refused.

I have been told that they (the agencies here in India) have managed
someone to sleep with me in India in the time while I was aslept and
have recorded it.

Sometimes, lip service is being done on behalf of the some people
whose identity is unknown to me and they talk strange things to me.

Many times in the city during last two years, I encountered, some
humiliating remarks:

"You have slept with someone."

My reply to them is common:

"If I have slept with someone according to you, which I don't know and
thereore that someone is unknown to me, and if that has happened ever,
it is my pleasure! You can send me more, again and again, and send me
whosoever from your fold is willing to, I am ready to sleep with

What else I can reply to every day shouting?

All this is being done to psychologically victimize me in a bid to
stop me writing. Whenever I write, I am told "Phir Tum ne Awaz Uthai,
Ab Delhna, Kiya Hota ke". (You have raised your voice again, you will
see what happens with you.) And, the sex-psychology drama begins.

I don't know anything. I know only one thing -- After the expiration
of my passport, whatsoever negative would be done against me, would be
a responsibility of Indian authorities only, not of Pakistan.


have discussed so many things; yet I haven't shared some important
aspect of my persecution.

I think it would be the best to share this for the broader
understanding of the Sindhi society about the manners and modus
operandi of the persecution, traps and controlling mechanisms by the
Pakistani intelligence agencies against Sindhi activists, and probably

The persecution began from 1999. In 1999, I was compelled to resign
from Daily Ibrat because of two editorials, and one article on
Pakistan Army written by a Sindhi commissioned officer of the

In 2001, I worked with an NGO, which also tried to suppress my
professional development. I was asked by that NGO's senior to identify
the active young Sindhi nationalists for hiring in the NGOs.

There is another perspective of the persecution that was unleashed
around and against me, my friends and broader personal families. But
before coming to that I would briefly prefer to narrate the periods of
the persecution:

2000 - 2001: A environment was created in which my membership was
cancelled from Sindh Nationalist Forum, an intellectual body of Sindhi
nationalists. Later on, when an inquiry was conducted, it proved that
it was a conspiracy. My membership was revived; however until than I
joined and started activism in Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF).

2005-2006: After Pakistan Army's pressure, we converted our proposed
conference into a roadblock and sit in on water rights of Sindh and
against Kalabagh Dam scheduled in Islamabad in December 2005. When I
returned back from Islamabad in January 2006, I was compelled to
resign from Pakistan Fisaherfolk Forum through a situation. In
Karachi, when I myself and my girl friend moved ahead for marriage,
her father was asked to refuse the marriage proposal because he
(myself) was a Sindhi nationalist and believed in the freedom of Sindh
to certain extent. He refused the marriage for that reason; although
her daughter was already knowing that. The question arise here who
felt need to instigate the old man, and why? That's quite

2006 (second half): GOC Hyderabad Cantt sent me a message for stopping
activism around enforced disappearance.

2007 (August onwards) - 2009 (August): After my return from Thailand,
I was continuously started given the various pharmaceutical things and
chemicals in the South Asia Partnership Pakistan - Sindh Chapter in a
bid to alter my behavior. These things included so many irritation
creating drugs, stimulating elements, and the elements that make
someone talkative. Unfortunately, they couldn't damage my principles
personally or resist my activism. All this was done to damage my
posture and trap me in a way that I may become part of them.

It is important to mention here that after immediate return from
Thailand, this process was started. I was given some elements due to
which I observed a heart attack like situation in the office, and was
taken in emergency to a nearby hospital, where doctors saved my life
by immediately putting a pill bellow my tongue.

2009 (August) to 2010 (March):
I remained under severe chest pain in Lahore; however I was not given
any stimulatives at least. Strangely enough, our (myself and Fatima's)
nails started breaking down and we were fastly losing our hairs. We
still don't know the reasons behind the situation.

2010 (September) - 2011 (January): I was back in Hyderabad and we
founded The Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan (ISM) by March
2010. I was started given nerve breaking drugs, stimulating elements
and behavior changing pharmacy. When a Karachi based doctor identified
that the inclusion of elements in the edibles, I kept on changing the
cook from our office; ands later on moved the office to another place
of the same area.

2011 (January) - 2012 (May):

I was kept on extreme stimulative pills and behavior distorting drugs.
I was also given drugs that caused kidney bleeding.

The worst part of this situation was when some intelligence agencies'
females, apparently commoners, were kept on giving the verbal messages
regarding some female friends, and broader family associates and
respectable relations. It was shocking. However, they could not
succeeded in their intentions. Our families never withdrew their moral
support despite being in troubles. It was the moment, despite doing
something out of way, I fell in the love with someone from social
surrounding, which was a normal course, and that remained limited only
to the talks. This was done in a bid to create a situation around me
that might have given Pakistan Army associated intelligence agencies
to resist my activism.

It is important to mention here that not only my and Fatima's
immediate families but broader families and friends were also taken
into hold or in a kind of virtual cordoning off.

I would also mention here that I quit an NGO in 2001, because I said
'NO' to certain advancements. Strangely, a head of that particular NGO
got angry on me because of my resign and kept on asking to join back.
And when I was refused returning, he complained about me immediately
to a couple of Western Friends, and he later on tried and manipulated
the things in my circle. When an inquiry was conducted by the
collective friends, I was excused by the friends for their change in
behavior due to fallacious sharing by the Mr. Director.

There is more need to disclose about the things in detail especially
in Sindhi language so that the activists in Sindh should be kept aware
of the new methods of state in controlling the activists. I'll also
include here the name of a psychiatrist based in Hyderabad, who use to
be on the penal of Hyderbad cantt.

This is a brief, of which the details would be made public later on. I
cannot avail the facility of internet at the moment therefore I am
writing this on my facebook.

(I have tried my best to restrict myself to personal and ethical
aspects of the persecution.)

- Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India

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